Saturday, March 16, 2002
Neophyte Attempts HTML, Fails With Some Success
okay, there's comments. not where they're supposed to be, but matt's going to fix that because i can make him.
good night. more happy thoughts later. maybe a story about the zoo, which i'm going to tomorrow. *yay*
cheers, k.

love, krissa .... 9:18 AM ... link!

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matt creamed over resident evil.
i don't know html. ever. won't. ever.
"milla's a fucking hotty. damn." - matt, on resident evil.

love, krissa .... 6:55 AM ... link!

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hello? anyone out there?
alright, well, i don't hear you but i assume you're listening.
hi guys. it's krissa. i'm not sure why i'm trekking out into the blogging wilderness. maybe because there are so many other cool kids out there doing it, and you all know what a sucker i am for peer pressure. for now, i don't have a site (because i have no idea how to make one. as per usual, i'm a five-minute-amateur at everything). but since i'm graduating soon, and i'll (hopefully) be entangled in a series of overseas adventures in the next few months, i just wanted to get the ball rolling. i promise not to use this site to just whine about my life. how's this for a deal: i'll just tell you stories. you all love stories. especially mine. as mark says, my storytelling mode is idiosyncratic - i'll try to include the very best here. (mark pointed out the other day that i have this tendency to take a pause before telling you a good story - call it an 'are you listening? this is good' pause. so just pretend we're having coffee at the grey dog, or house of pies, or artiste, or kozy korner, or wherever it is that you're used to having coffee with me... it's like that. only ... well, no coffee. at least, not with me.) so, *deep breath* here goes.

love, krissa .... 4:35 AM ... link!

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