Thursday, March 21, 2002

well, m is here and we're having a lovely time. today we just sort of lazed about, had breakfast at park place bagels, lunch at a'mangiare, lazed around some more and are meeting payan in the city for dinner and some jazz.
very nice.
cheers, k.

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Monday, March 18, 2002
well, it's snowing here in rhode island. is it snowing there in new york?
it'd better not. or any time this week. weather, heed my warnings.
oh, and happy saint patrick's day. my parents and i went out to cafe paragon (yumm) last night and my father spilt his whiskey all over the table. we thought it an appropriate, if accidental, gesture. you know what they say - god invented beer so that the irish wouldn't take over the world.
and thanks for the comments, guys. keep it up. you shall be rewarded.
cheers, k.

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Sunday, March 17, 2002
Stop The Presses
oh my god, i figured out the comments thing. holy christ, and it's only 9 in the morning.
okay, i'm going to go conquer the world now. you were right,
luke, i figured it out on my own. and i ROCK.
that is all.
cheers, k.

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late night, crazy frenchman
up way too late last night, talking to a
certain frenchman. things we talked about: high school, sex, goat's heads, books, werewolves, bad habits, naked photo shoots, more sex, html, how mean he is, html, the werewolves again, whiny girls, misty brock (don't ask) and sex.
hilarious quotes from the evening:
"look, there's a little kitty! I think it's a werewolf." - matt, on san marcos nocturnal wildlife.
"one night, i stood out here and counted all the cars i could see. there were 53." -matt, indirectly explaining why he has no life to speak of.
going to rhode island this afternoon, until tuesday, to pass the time and do some laundry and eat some chicken pie. i'll save a piece for ya.
and tuesday? *happy happy happy happy* marnix's flight arrives at 9pm on virgin from london to jfk. *happy happy happy.*
cheers, k.

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No Llamas at Bronx Zoo - Woman Stages One-Person Riot
bethie and josh and i went to the zoo today. they charged us:
$7 for parking
$6 for admittance
$1 for the congo exhibit, where most of the animals were indoors for the winter
$8 for crappy cold food.
it was awesome! well, okay, the giraffes were awesome. i didn't see the following:
monkeys (well, a few. but the monkey house was closed.)
llamas (what kind of ZOO doesn't have LLAMAS!)
donkeys (okay, okay, i know. but i really like donkeys. 'specially the really little ones.)
penguins OR polar bears. and don't give me the "they're inside because it's cold" bullshit. they LIVE on ice!
i did enjoy hanging out with two of my favorite people ever, and seeing the sea lions, and watching the skunk spray on the deer, and also watching josh try and talk to the ducks. in donald duck-speak.
mille bises to all
cheers, k.

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