Friday, April 26, 2002
cue mary tyler moore show theme music...
well, well well. I have some good news, peoples. some very good news indeed. as many of you know, I have been fretting and pulling my hair and generally bemoaning my total lack of patience for the past month, since my editor here at work told me that Miranda, the Associate Editor, was leaving for Elle, and that they wanted to consider me as a candidate for the job.

Well, you're now reading the humble blog of the new Associate Editor of Magazine-of-Employment, full-time gainfully employed as of June 3, 2002, a sleek 10 days after graduation. (this is the part where krissa does a little happy snoopy dance in her head - note to self: must look cool in front of future coworkers, cannot actually do snoopy happy dance at office.)

Let me point out a few reasons why this is good news:
1. my parents can stop having daily heart attacks.
2. erin won't have to burn my boss's house down.
3. free photography books!
4. i will make all attempts to shamelessly promote my photographer friends.. okay, just victoria.
5. mark will have someone to hang out with in nyc this summer (you know that's why you're happy, mark.)
6. i will be able to pay back: payan, genevieve, beth, and mark.
7. you will all have a flat to crash at when you find yourself in the big apple.
8. i will be employed. DUH.

so use liberally of the comment option and tell me how much i rock like bon jovi!
cheers, cheers, CHEERS!

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Thursday, April 25, 2002
reflective photography (or, narcissism)
got another picture of mine posted onto MirrorProject. Check
it out!

love, krissa .... 1:03 AM ... link!

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Monday, April 22, 2002
a month of sundays
it's been a month since m left. sundays are always the day i remember him here. funny, because sunday wasn't even our best day together, but it was his birthday, and it was the day i realized that this had just been a vacation, a departure from reality, a sliver in time - not the real thing. the first sunday after he left, when all the dust had settled - genie and i had gotten back from RI, work had gone really well, school was about to start again - that was the first time i realized he had really come and gone, that something i was so looking forward to was over, and that there's no way to predict the next chapter in my life or in our friendship, so i essentially have nothing to look forward to. i have a big blank slate, and in many ways that's exciting and thrilling, but it's also difficult to make a chalk mark on it.

so, yeah. it's been a month. and in a month, i will have completed my last day of college. i will be gearing up for the next phase, or flooding my engine with nowhere to go but home. either way - i feel like i'm in the middle of two long months of sundays.
cheers, k.

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