Friday, May 03, 2002
Astoria, Here We Come!

Well, well well. More good news, a week's date from the last good news. Genie and I went to Astoria last night with the realtor (John - he rocks.) and we found ourselves a cozy little nest for future living fun. It's huge, airy, old and full of cute little touches, and inexpensive, in a wonderful neighborhood that's charming and quirky.
Essentially, our dream apartment.
AND it's STILL erin's birthday! Plenty of things to celebrate!
What's your good news! Don't forget to post a birthday cheer for Erin!

love, krissa .... 6:41 PM ... link!

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2,4,6,8 Who do we here at PetitHiboux think is really great? ERIN!

It's Erin's 21st birthday everyone! I just think Erin is the cat's meow. She's the best friend one could hope for, she's funny, she'll tell you the truth and make you laugh and get you stoned when the situation calls for it. She scratches my back and I scratch hers - she's the olive in my martini, she's the string in my bikini, she's the bun around my weenie... okay, now I'm just trying to rhyme.
My point with all this is - leave her a happy happy birthday on the comment section even if you've never met her, because she's my dearest little Eeyore and I want her to be happy today.

Kisses all! maybe exciting news about future digs coming soon - watch this space.

love, krissa .... 6:20 PM ... link!

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Tuesday, April 30, 2002
a few random bits of information conveyed in the third person.

1. krissa is still happy about the job (see prior post, you people that haven't checked in a while. for shame.)
2. krissa is getting less sick. although she still has this hacking cough that makes herlook like she has TB. eww.
3. krissa went on a very unsuccessful apartment reconaissance tonight.
4. krissa saw brandon tonight, whom she hasn't seen in ages.
5. krissa has many miles of french homework that must get accomplished before she graduates.
6. krissa hasn't heard from certain people in a while. macnab, karim, lynam, stefania, she's looking at you.
7. krissa saw: a picture of her
frenchman's new car. here it is. although, nothing will ever replace the beast.
8. krissa misses all of you, each and every one of you. when are you all coming home?
9. krissa is very tired.

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Monday, April 29, 2002
peter told me this story, and i liked it. i think peter's quite a good story teller, don't you?
November 14th stuck his head out for a peak. He looked around. He was in a bit of a fog. It had been long time since it was last his turn to take charge. The other dates egged him on, and finally he started to gain courage. Courageous or not, he knew that he really had no choice in the matter. It was going to be midnight in a few minutes and he was obligated to take his turn. No one had ever gotten skipped save for February 29th, and everyone knew the story about him...

February 29th was the son of one of the prestigious families of dates. July, a long and beautiful month, married December before the year 1000. For some time it was rumored that July was barren, but to the surprise of many, she became pregnant and had one child. There was no apparent place for him in the calendar, but after some discussion and deal-making, it was decided that it would be alright if he were named February 29th and would only come around every four years. This was, of course, special treatment, and all the other dates made note of this. Dates, you should know, have a long memory. February 29th is still not friends with most of the dates and spends most of his time with the months. He tried to be friendly in the beginning, but only received cold responses. So now, some say he's a snob, but what is he to do? No one asks to be born.

So, as the last seconds ticked away, November 13th surveyed the situation for one last time and sighed while smiling. He then looked over to 14th and said "It's all you!" November 14th was on. He always felt silly about being nervous once he was already doing it. It was like stage fright - very jittery in the last few minutes before the show, but on stage, it felt great. 14th started to feel good. He hadn't been this jazzed in decades. He wasn't quite sure why, but some years were better than others.

Often he felt that he had been dealt an uninteresting name. He wasn't the envious type, but some dates just seemed cooler. April 1st was always the funny one. In fact, all the firsts were interesting. January 1st being the queen of the "firsts clique". At parties she was always the center of attention.

And the day went well and the 14th was happy. So much so, that he was a bit sad when the 15th nudged him. He looked over at her and he knew that it was time. Time to lay low for another year, until next autumn, when it would happen all over again.
thanks, peter.

love, krissa .... 8:59 AM ... link!

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Sunday, April 28, 2002
Internal Wars
TO: All Operations
FROM: Brain
RE: Scheduled Total and Complete Breakdown of Cavouras, K. (hereinforth referred to as Host)

The Brain wishes to notify members of The Body of the upcoming breakdown, and request their full and total participation. Effective immediately are the following stipulations -
With the Throat, we're going for a "difficult to swallow due to phlegm" theme. Glands, swell to twice your normal size and become irritated and sore. Nose, a few days after Throat your work commences. No breathing out of left nostril for at least 48 hours. Eyes, raise the levels of swelled irritation to Nearly-Shut status. Skin, as itchy as you can manage without poison ivy would be appropriate.
All this is aimed to aggressively force The Host to eat, sleep, and function according to schedule. It should also make her sneeze a lot, and give her some perspective on the highly important role that we, Body, play in her life. Thank you for your continued cooperation - please consult my administrative assistant, Edna, with any further concerns you have, or for a written contract explaining your duties in this Operation.
Thank you, The Brain.

TO: Brain
FROM: Krissa (Host)

Brain -
I appreciate your thoughfulness in delaying your Operation Total Breakdown until the weekend. I understand the demands you and your cohorts are making and I have done my best to comply. I hope you're enjoying the antibiotics. HOWEVER. Making me lose my balance every time I stand up and turning my skin a greenish color? I think you're crossing the line from cautionary to spiteful. Please consult the appropriate parties and make the pranks stop.

TO: Host
FROM: Brain
RE: Stick it in your ear.

Host - quit your bitching. and thanks for the drugs. feed us more, or we'll give you a mustache.

Moral of this story: I am sick to the point of delusion.

love, krissa .... 10:42 PM ... link!

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