Saturday, May 18, 2002
good time was had by all.

bethie and josher threw us a graduation party at their cozy little apartment last night, it was a rockin' good time. took a whole bunch of pictures with the digi, some with flash that look like crazy party photos, and some cool ones without the flash, and those are the ones i'm going to show you.

sexy mamas
the stellar, fantastic may lightfoot and i, chillin' on the couch.

isn't matt cute?
josher played for us, while maybo pestered him to play a jets to brazil song and matt stared off into space.

the cutest couple. ever.
bethie and josher, as beautiful as ever. thanks for the party, guys!

i'll put some of the silly flash ones up later, just to amuse you. in other news, we're moving into the apartment tomorrow and monday, so i'll be out of commission for the next few days. leave me heartwarming notes telling me how much you love me, okay?
many kisses to all,

love, krissa .... 9:25 PM ... link!

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Wednesday, May 15, 2002
one last hurrah

Well, it is my last night as a college student. I am dredging through the last paper for my french class, one I very much do not want to do.
Instead, my mind is far away, I am daydreaming, wishing to be somewhere I'm not, with someone who is not here. Perhaps these are things I won't discuss here just yet. No one likes a spoiler.
But for the record - I am happy.
Ma vie devient de plus en plus belle.
La mia vita sta diventando più e più bella.
Minha vida está parecendo cada dia mais linda.


love, krissa .... 10:10 AM ... link!

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Monday, May 13, 2002
a few pictures for you.

fun with the digi. aww yeah.

love, krissa .... 9:44 PM ... link!

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quem sabe, sabe - conhese bem,
como e gostoso,
gosta de alguem.

just a little idea that's floated into my head of late.

love, krissa .... 9:05 PM ... link!

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