Saturday, June 01, 2002

kalomina - that's greek for happy first of the month.

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list-like update

friday: lunch, coffee and unplanned thunderstorm-watching with pm yesterday. we stood in the park underneath the Trib and watched the storm roll it's way from new jersey until it was directly over head, and then joyously walked back, soaking wet.
saturday: walked to astoria blvd. for cigs and french bread this morning, then made phone calls and plans and took care of piddly real-world concerns. arranged the following exciting plans:
saturday night: bither-bee and smosher coming over for soup and salad and good times tonight.
sunday lunch: A Rascally Kenyan and the Wild Man of Montana are coming for lunch! (read: sean and payan). Petithiboux will slave over the stove preparing a lovely brasilian feijoada, courtesy of her mother's fine meticulous recipe-giving. Wine will be drunk and old times will be rehashed and plenty of naughty comments will be made. mb who is sadly not here but in london, will be sorely missed by all three of us as we wolf down our food and drink our fine wines. (nix, join us for lunch? tomorrow, say, around one?)
petithiboux is also sorely missing: her erwin.
petithiboux is very, very content.
work starts monday... more happy lazy weekends coming up.
cheers, k.

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Friday, May 31, 2002

see? like the brady bunch. only drunker.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2002
on the advice of a certain cruel little man

I've taken my address of the site, since
clm told me that spiders or something like that would come get my address and whore it out on the net.. it's probably too late.
oh well, most of you will have gotten the address in an email i sent last night, hein?
and today, i am leaving RI after a very relaxing and indulging weekend, I return to astoria triumphant.
woo hoo!
see you soon, babies.

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Sunday, May 26, 2002
the calm after the storm.

well, hello, loyal friends and readers. It has been a long while since I've said hello, but here I am. Update time - after a lovely yet stressful week with mattchoo visiting and moving into the apartment and graduation, I am finally sitting at my parent's house in Rhode Island, winding down, vegging out, and enjoying graduation-gift-shopping. It's been quite lovely, graduation was (contrary to what I was dreading) quite inspirational and touching and exciting without being soppy. A good time was had by all, and I somehow managed to get Sarah Lawrence to actually hand me my diploma, a feat of unfathomable dexterity on my part. I am, in fact, an Alum of that fine institution now.
Then my brother and I went (were dragged unwillingly on my part) to Nobu, with friends of his, and lots of money was wasted by ordering small, raw pieces of rare seafood for Krissa, The Girl Who Hates Seafood. It wasn't my idea. But I suppose it was fun, if sitting around a table for three hours eating non-food can be considered fun. It was nice of Luiz's friends to pick up the tab (or rather, the massive pharmaceutical company whose expense account she charged it to...) but it made me feel guilty to waste all that food.
Anyway, so my little apartment is all arranged (well, needs curtains, but that'll happen soon) and looking lovely. Genevieve and I are very excited.
All of you must come visit, in varying degrees of soonness.
Many kisses to all of you...

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