Wednesday, June 05, 2002
stupid party attended: check.

tonight the svelte genevieve and i went to a swanky silly party at the Remote Lounge. Okay, so this place? There are cameras everywhere, and you can sit at a table with a monitor and look at the other people in the bar, and look at every camera (there are about 40 of them) and get this, get this: you can CALL UP OTHER TABLES if you like the person sitting there, having been watching them for a while on your TV.
insert mocking BWAH HA HA HA HA here.
Gen and I spent a wasted hour there making faces at our camera and coming up with inventive ways to mouth dirty words at people watching us. and get this - people actually CALLED! that might have been my uber-cleavage shirt - bad idea in retrospect, for a voyeuristic camera lounge....
the whole thing was very very very silly. Thank you, Magazine-of-Employment, for another stupid party that I got free drinks and VIP guest list status at. C-rod, wish you'd come. You would have puffed up like a little peacock with all those cameras, it would have been tres amusant :-) we missed you, seriously.
and speaking of french, here's to the upcoming birth of matthieu's niece/nephew. I know Carrine is pulling for a girl, and thus, so am i. The Brajot girls are so beautiful (well, that said, so are the boys). Can anyone tell my ovaries are acting up lately?
Tomorrow night, I enter The Lair - consultations over at J. Sternfeld's apartment over the article and what photos to use. Should be good for some Sternfeld Eyebrow Wiggling and General Hilarity....

love, krissa .... 7:57 AM ... link!

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