Tuesday, July 16, 2002
and a good time was had by all.

well, well. hello again. it's been a while. erin and stephanie flew in on thursday like texas tornadoes and we thank them for the gust of hilarity and wacky wild fun they doused us with this weekend. there was a house-warming party, and it was enough like breakfast at tiffany's to make your humble little hiboux a happy chirping owl.

it really was a lovely party, attended with flair by our charming texas folk, bither-bee and smosher, maybo and her handsome friend trevor, the svelte claire and meaghan, max of course, several people named jesse (which through our steph for a loop..), chris "funny man" wiley, our own
seastreet with slightly shorter hair, abby and a friend or hers, and a couple other charmers, laughers, and general good-timers. there was flirting (with other people's boyfriends, even! my, my.) there was mystery (that cigarette) there was some drinking, yes yes, and there was, of course, a late night trip to the diner for the last few die-hard party animals. i reiterate: good time, had by all.

other than that, here's are some highlights of the weekend, in relative order of hilarity:
- erin's new nickname is J-Master E. Stephanie remains D-Cup Daniels.
- genevieve is much craftier with a salt shaker than previously known, but krissa is just as gullible as expected.
- max's parents are puppets!
- Brunch, Saturday morning, at Locanda de Buongustaio:
Stephanie: "The airport in Japan, it's on an island, right? And they built this island on, uh.."
Krissa: "Rock and roll?"
- "In Kenya, we have these predatory birds, they're called hawks." - krissa, expounding eloquently on African Exotic Creatures, Coney Island, Sunday.

If you weren't a part of this weekend's high jinks, you missed out.

love, krissa .... 5:00 PM ... link!

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