Friday, August 23, 2002

it hasn't been a particularly good day. for a variety of reasons, my emotions have been playing uproarious see-saw games with each other. today was a kind of climax - i didn't get a lot of sleep last night, because vix and i were up late, talking about love triangles, and high school, and casual sex, and other traumas. and so today at work, volatile was where I was at.

and then, around lunchtime, right at my emotional top-off limit,
this little slice of heaven was delivered to my desk, because her proud papa had some errands to run down on the 42nd floor.
so for twenty minutes, baby julia and i communed. i let her pull on my ear while i told her all about what it feels like to be 22, alone in the naked city, and putting on a brave face. she told me (in so many words) what it's like to poop on yourself. we communicated.

and the dusty corner of my heart that's been aching so for weeks on end, the ennui that has been troubling me, just vanished for a few minutes. she nestled into my lap and sucked on her bottle while i quietly looked up some words in the dictionary. she made a valiant attempt to pull out the page that started with hot flash, and later attempted to eat the page ending with ne'er do well (yes, that word is in the dictionary). she's going to be a smart cookie. i told her so. she smiled at me and chewed lazily on my finger.

and yes, i felt my ovaries kicking. duh.

but better than that, i was calm. for the first time all week. and that made me feel like crying all over again.


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Wednesday, August 21, 2002
allow myself to introduce...

i met someone new recently. this doesn't happen to me very often, as you all know, since i'm a creature of habit and i like all my old friends just fine. but i met
floodtide through seastreet and while his living in Utah and being a busy actor over there prevents us from getting together and having hours of conversation over coffee somewhere in tribeca, we have been exchanging plenty emails and just talking about everything under the sun. Many a time in the past few weeks, he has been able to pull out just the right thing to say to get me to square my shoulders and smile.
so this is just a little mini-homage. thanks, you. you win the Cool New Friend prize for the month.

and furthermore... some hilarity.

I answered the phone a few minutes ago here at work to encounter this conversation:

me: [insert name of Magazine-of-Employment here] -
him (french accent): excuse me, what time do you close?
me (stammering): close? we don't really close, we just go home. can i help you?
him: but what time do the doors close?
me: we don't have "doors". is there someone specific you're trying to see?
him: i want to buy some stuff for my kids. that's all.
me: your kids? i'm sorry, what are you trying to buy?
him: you know, shirts, pants...
me: are you trying to call a clothing store?
him: isn't this [mumble mumble] store?
me: no. this is _______. we're a magazine.
him: a magazine?
me: yes. i think you have the wrong number.
him: sorry.

for some reason, the whole staff was standing somewhere nearby while this ridiculously inane conversation was happening. we all thought it was hilariously funny.


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css trauma

still trying to get my links to be bold. sadly, i am not very good at such things (audience, gasp) and am requiring the services of one
cruel little man to patiently take me by the hand and explain this stuff as if explaining the concept of gravity to a five year old child. feh.
in other unrelated news, the smoldering victoria [see super-hot-babe to your right] has descended upon us like the empress that she is, for a few days, because she has an interview to become the next hip thing in the world, a title she surely deserves. so without giving too much away, be sure and send her encouraging vibes.
our own lil' genie is currently looking for a new job - if you have any leads in new york, anything at all, let her know, through moi if necessary.
and someone seems to still be having a good ole' time in a little place called estonia.

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Monday, August 19, 2002
[ed. note]

the sensible, no-nonsense, down-to-earth wing of petithiboux would like to point out that the flighty, fashion-crazy, urban-outfitter-coveting wing of petithiboux is currently wearing the following:
1 cowl-neck, gathered sleeve, black-with-beige-dots top from bcbg
1 a-line kick-pleat dark denim skirt
black sling-black pointy shoes.

sexy elle girls in the elevator, watch out. mama's got a brand new pair of shoes.


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doing penance.

well, in exchange for my marvellous weekend at home (puppy was played with, barbeque was joyously consumed) i am at work super early this morning, and will be arriving early/leaving late for the whole two weeks between now and my triumphant departure for Texas.

In other news,
c seems to have found himself in the most beautiful of places - sadly, i know this only from his diary since email seems to be spotty there and i have only heard so little from him (yes, i'm publicly guilttripping you now, c). but it sounds heartbreakingly beautiful and calm, and i can only sit at my desk, in the middle of midtown, and alternately curse him and count the days until march.

yes, march. planning on visiting c in estonia with my generous tax return from uncle sam and a few days leave from my job. i was going to go to england, all set to go to england in fact, and rent a car and drive around the british isle with a choice travelling companion. but, well, as genevieve put it so succinctly, visiting london takes five days to do and six months to emotionally recover from. and going to estonia is new, and exciting, and something for my wandering heart to achingly look forward to. and whatever else c is, he's not emotionally traumatizing.

so as usual, i've started looking for tickets six months in advance, because i'm obsessive like that.

it's not that i don't like my job. i like my job. i just - well, there's really no getting rid of wanderlust. some people don't have it. i know people that are content taking one trip a year to see some beloved family, or perhaps disneyland (like a certain Ambiguously Married Duo is doing right now!). I am not one of those people. i feel i am wasting my life if i am not seeing new places and travelling all the time. sadly, i cannot afford to do this, so i don't.

that leaves me sitting at my desk, typing in random destinations into expedia ($1,400 to Fiji! Let's go!) and resisting the magnetic draw of my credit card to the "Buy Now!" button. [sigh.]

See you in march, c. hopefully i'll hear from you before then....


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