Saturday, August 31, 2002
twenty two

happy birthday, me.

and since none of you have sent me happy birthday wishes.... well, that's what the comment section is for, isn't it !


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Thursday, August 29, 2002
area woman asserts, "good time had by all." in related news, it's november in august.

lots of kisses and hugs for everyone who was at ma petite fĂȘte d'anniversaire. the following cool cats showed up to celebrate with me: wiley coyote, the hilariously cruel
cruellittleman, the notorious w.a.n.g., the luminous maybo, claire so fair, kurtMD, and a few other charming folk.

bitherbee and smosher turned up early to make me cupcakes, pink frosted ones [pictures forthcoming, flood] and when the party was really a-swingin', smosher and his trusty bassist, steve, played me a greatest hits medley of all my favorite josh dillard rockin' tunes. he played "help" and "checkered vans" and "20/20 hindsight" .... he rocked out our living room.

and today, i woke up with absolutely no voice and torrentially pouring rains outside. i got soaked on the way to work and my feet are still cold. it's 65 degrees here in the naked city - i need a coat. i'm thankful though, because texas this weekend will be really, really scaldingly hot. feh.

and yes, cats, remember - i'm leaving tonight for texas. and you should all call me on saturday to wish me a happy, happy 22nd!

in other news, the delightfully wicked erwin and i have hatched yet another vacation plan*. we're considering ditching europe altogether (portugal and ireland were in the works for a few minutes) and instead, we're going to california next march! we're going to fly into san fransisco, hang out with friends and generally feel very hip indeed, and then rent a car for a few sunny days and trek down the coastline to los angeles, which should be smoggy indeed. but erwin has an uncle there, and friends that live north of san fran and i have an old friend from kenya who lives downtown.

why, you ask, i am forgoing the plan of going to europe? well, it's expensive. second, all destinations in europe involve, well, complications. and i only get one vacation a year, people. i'm going to make it rock the casbah.

so if you're going to be in california in march, let us know! we want friends!

cheers, and long live pink-frosted cupcakes -

* disclaimer: all of petithiboux's wildly fluctuating travel plans are... well, wildly fluctuating. in no way, shape or form, can she guarantee she will be going anywhere**, so don't get your knickers in a bunch. this is just her escape mechanism, okay?

** amendment: of course, when she makes plans with the fantastic erwin, they almost always happen, and they always rock. so, that said, cali here we come!

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Wednesday, August 28, 2002
childhood, revisited.

floodtide's most recent entry, charming as ever, concerns his recent scurry to own the books of his childhood - cleary's Ralph books, and the great Ramona books.... flood is so right, as per usual.

I have friends that make fun of the fact that I love the harry potter series, or that i still cry when i watch charlotte's web or thumbelina. to them i say, feh. as a child, i didn't have a lot of continuity. i was constantly moved around. beth might say it's highly unusual [and she does] but i started reading when i was roughly 2 and a half. and i haven't stopped.

as a child, i devoured louisa may alcott, roald dahl, c.s. lewis, george macdonald. i read the narnia chronicles about once a month. when we went to the british museum, when i was 10 or 11, i recognized the story behind a set of roman spoons found in Leeds because of a short story Dahl wrote in The Wonderful World of Henry Sugar. my mother tells that story to this day.

I read greek mythology backwards and forwards. i read through dinners with business partners of my father's, i read on planes, i read in cars, i read on the beach and while walking down the street [okay, i still walk and read. it rocks. try it sometime.]

when i was 12, i moved on to the classics, because i was living in africa and there were no bookstores, really. i read Anna Karenina and Animal's Farm [but didn't "get" it]. I loved the Jane Austen novels and hated the Choose Your Own Adventure ones.

In Kenya, when i was 16, I got a completely involuntary education in the greats of the 20th century, because again, no bookstores. I was so desperate for reading material [my mother says that when i was a child, if i didn't have a book, i would just read cereal boxes and billboards] I dug into my father's extensive hardback collection. funny thing was, i didn't realize at the time the caliber of great literature i was devouring like a hungry wolf. i read Styron's Sophie's Choice and The Arms of Krupp and Michener's Kent State and Halberstram's Best and the Brightest and Boll's Group Portrait with Lady. I read a fair amount of John Irving, too, my favorite always being Hotel New Hampshire [another point of connection between myself and the wonderful floodtide.]

What's my point with all this? for one, i could never see myself in the publishing industry. it's like, loving hamburgers with your heart and soul and working on the grill at macdonald's. reading is an escape for me, it's a safe haven. when i meet people that say, 'i don't read', a part of me looks at them like they're alien life forms. you don't read?! do you breathe?!

and the other thing - kids aren't reading enough. they're watching TV. they're watching MTV for christ's sake. they're not expanding their minds and vocabularies. they're not challenging themselves. they don't 'play pretend' as much anymore. i know this - i've taken care of my share of children.

and you know what? the kids i have taken care of? i've read to all of them, different books - with molly and emma, it was the narnia chronicles and they loved ramona. with kat and annie, we read a chapter of harry potter every night - they loved how i could do all the different voices. they couldn't wait until bed time. on rainy days, we'd cheat and read during the day, too. i read to them in the tub until their fingers turned into little prunes.

i even read to their baby brother, james. i read to him from the newspaper while i was feeding him, something my mother did to me. he would fall asleep much faster when he could feel my voice reverberating through the arms that held him.

i loved reading with and to the kids. and when i talk to them, months and years since i've seen them last, we still talk about harry, and ramona, and edmund and lucy, and hermione and dumbledore, and how silly dobby the house elf is.

that makes me feel like i've done my bit. it's one of my greatest accomplishments.

cheers, all - especially you, floodtide.


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this is all that's left of the annoyingly long "krissa is amazed by small-world-phenomenon" posts, so she deleted it and leaves you with the following wisdom:

you can sing to my cat if you like*.

[*rock on, raychul.]

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Monday, August 26, 2002
greek and donuts

you know how everyone thinks that the diner in their neighborhood could kick everyone else's diners' asses? yeah, well, there's a diner in my neighborhood that would flatten all your diner contenders. it's called the blue sea diner and restaurant, and it's at the corner of 30th ave and 31st street, underneath the subway at the 30th ave NW stop.

the blue sea rocks for many reasons, chiefly: cheap coffee, fresh donuts made at 10 p.m. (late night donuts!), blue countertops, yellow tiffany lamps, surly greek wait-staff, and niko.

niko is this guy that works there. he's greek. he's 22 but he looks 30. he wears glasses and has a great smile. when i go in there, we chat. it goes something like this:

krissa: niko, are the donuts fresh?
niko: yassou*, what, you don't say hi?
krissa: yassou, niko, tikanis?
niko: kala, kala. etzi, come back in twenty minutes, the donuts gonna be fresh.
krissa: ndaxi. be back then.
niko: when you gonna let me take you to dinner?
krissa: tomorrow!
*yeah, the greek's phonetical. duh.

niko is a really sweet guy. we made a bet a while ago about something, and he said if he was right, i had to go to dinner with him. genevieve teases me and calls him my boyfriend. (you know, in that childish sing-song way).

but you know what? i think it's sweet. i think niko is sweet. i don't care that he asks me out every time i go in there. he's funny. and he's charming. and he's not really like anyone i ever hang out with.

so he can ask me to dinner. maybe i'll even go.

p.s. take note! no more stupid annoying ad at the top of the screen. i forked over my $12 dollars to
pyra and blogger because it's an honest little company and that ad was really starting to bug me.

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