Friday, September 06, 2002
two things:

1 happiest twenty-third birthday,

2 but perhaps more importantly: penguin prostitutes! hahahahahhaha.

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Wednesday, September 04, 2002
she's baack.

you know those vacations that rock, but towards the end, you start looking forward to being at home again?

this wasn't one of those.

i miss texas already. so instead of waxing poetic on turning twenty two [more on that later], i present instead: a list on why this weekend rocked the casbah -

*luiz. *erin. *raychul. *matt. *raychul's matt. *meeting ross, amy, and mark, to name a few. *erin again. *raychul again. *seeing raychul and matt in love, and getting to discuss a Certain Impending Ceremony. *driving to austin from dallas on a sunny, big-sky texas saturday. *developing a car-stalker because some chubby guy in a honda looked enough like william blacklock for us to stare at him, thus inciting him to drive seductively around us the whole way to austin. *having stalker-boy stop at the same texaco as us. *magnolia's queso, stoned. *pink lace underwear and other mutant super powers. *frito pie at ez's. *everyone else buying me cosmos on my birthday. *feeling tragically hip at red fez. *deciding to get an owl tattoo. *having matt spend three hours drawing said owl tattoo. *deciding on the way to the tattoo parlor to get a completely different tattoo. *it says heart, in tiny brown letters, right on my tailbone. *yes, i'm aware that my heart isn't located there. *having the mind and the soul hold my hands and tell me funny stories while the tattoo guy (who looked like a fat[ter] talkative silent bob) stared at my buttcrack. *how many licks would it take to get to the center of my tootsie roll? *mexican food and margaritas. *the sunroof in the jetta. *singing weezer at the top of our lungs. *sunday night: two apartments, four couples, krissa being the only one not getting any. well, the world's gotta change someday. *toto. *reliving Watermelongate. *the trinity friendship soaring to all new heights [lows?] in the bathroom together. *finally completing the circle.
but most of all, the best thing about this weekend ....
*remembering why erin, raychul and i are still part of the trinity. i love you, soul and mind. ya'll, in a word, rock.

love, krissa .... 5:05 PM ... link!

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Monday, September 02, 2002
this town rocks.

i'll be leaving a little part of my heart in texas.


love, krissa .... 7:51 PM ... link!

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