Friday, October 25, 2002
a hiatus from the hiatus ...

and now, some lists, from the self-appointed wombat queen:

songs that should make you cry:

*wilco - how to fight loneliness
*mirah - archipelago
*r.e.m. - try not to breathe
*elliott smith - 2:45
*morphine - in spite of me
*etta james - these foolish things
*ella fitzgerald - they can't take that away from me
*radiohead - black star
*bob dylan - if you see her, say hello

songs that should make you fall in love:

*chet baker - let's get lost
*bob dylan - lay lady, lay
*edith piaf - la vie en rose
*morphine - let's take a trip
*ella fitzgerald -someone to watch over me
*beatles -and i love her
*r.e.m. - at my most beautiful

songs you should play at your wedding (ahem, *raych*...):

*beatles - when i'm sixty-four
*ella fitzgerald - funny face
*paul macartney - maybe
*al green - let's stay together
*elliott smith - say yes
*dean martin - that's amore

songs i'm going to play at erin's wedding:

*billy idol - white wedding
*angel is a centerfold
*the cars - just what i needed
*toto - africa
*sting - fields of gold
*beatles - come together

books you should read right now:

*michael chabon - amazing adventures of kavalier and clay
*john irving - hotel new hampshire
*zadie smith - white teeth
*julian barnes - history of the world in 10 1/2 chapters
*john updike - couples
*c.s. lewis - the chronicles of narnia
*j.r.r. tolkien - lord of the rings trilogy
*gabriel garcia marquez - love in the time of cholera
*gabriel garcia marquez - one hundred years of solitude
*alexandre dumas - count of monte cristo [unabrgd]
*e.l. doctorow - ragtime
*voltaire - candide
*thomas hardy - jude the obscure
*melissa banks - girls' guide to hunting and fishing
*marguerite duras - the lover

non-fiction books that should blow your mind:

*adam smith - the wealth of nations [obviously important. read it.]
*karl marx - capital [don't even talk about marxism until you read this, not just the manifesto.]
*john maynard kenyes - general theory of employment, interest and money [boring as hell but very important.]
* roy teixera - america's forgotten majority - why the white working class still matters [interesting perspective on how to really win elections in this country .. and what the elephants and donkeys are doing wrong.]
*david brooks - bobos in paradise [witty examination of the 'bohemian bourgeosie' - the bobos.]
*alan dershowitz - supreme injustice [america's lawyer takes on bush v. gore]
*ronald dwarkin - taking rights seriously [rights-based democracy, neatly written]
*eliot lebow - tell them who i am [a moving documentary of the real story behind the homeless]
*edward herman and noam chomsky - manufacturing consent [you'll hate it but you need to hear it.]
*michael sanders - democracy's discontent [it's important to read the other half's viewpoint .. very smart man.]
*ann crittenden - the price of motherhood [a little cheesy, but still very important - and time-sensitive.]

one band i hate: pearl jam.
one author i hate: ayn rand.
two bands i love to hate: abba and the rolling stones.
two authors i love to hate: thomas hardy and bret easton ellis.

that is all. have a nice weekend.

cheers, k

love, krissa .... 6:03 PM ... link!

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