Friday, November 01, 2002
Ode To Back Pain
for monkey boy, and his charming rhymes

there once was a sweet little owl,
whose bad back pain made her scowl,
"is sex the solution?
papal absolution?"
she wondered aloud as she howled.

her roomie had much cause to laugh,
because the owl was always in the bath,
heating pad strapped on tight,
on the couch every night,
watching TV and feeding her wrath.

"it's time to buy a new bed," she cried!
"or a new pain-free chair at work", she sighed.
"or a week on a beach,
wouldn't that be a peach,
instead of back pain, and another long subway ride!"

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Thursday, October 31, 2002
thursday morning coming down...

well, yes - my date with myself went lovely. until around 7, when i got bored with myself and went out with about five other guys instead. at the same time. okay, they're all my friends - but still:

1. ended the night at a bar called the zombie hut.
2. knocked back shots that had been lit on fire.
3. discussed sex - loudly.
4. arm-wrestled. almost won.
5. tried to convince the
cruel little man to do tequila shots with me.
6. thank god he chickened out.
7. watched the wang work his special mojo magic on the bartendress.
8.i woke up this morning ... with no way to hold my head that didn't hurt ...

sing it with me now.

love, krissa .... 6:26 PM ... link!

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Wednesday, October 30, 2002
narcissus, behold!

i'm taking the load of my shoulders tomorrow. i really love myself, you know, but living together with myself sometimes makes it hard to appreciate how great i am. i mean, when i get home to myself at the end of the day, sometimes i think i look a little drab, or the color has gone out of my cheeks.

but tomorrow, i'm really going to make it up to myself. i'm taking the day off from work and showing myself how wonderful i still think i am, after all these years. i'm going to buy myself flowers and bake myself cookies, and giggle with myself and snuggle up on the couch with myself. really take myself on a date, like we used to.

ooh, i hope i put out.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2002
growing up means finally appreciating daylight savings time

at work on friday, jc and i were discussing daylight savings time. he posited that it is simply a conspiracy on the part of morning people. i heartily agreed, thinking 'i hate those people!'

when i was in college, daylight savings time meant two things: 1. that night, i got an extra blissful hour to study/party/sleep/all three, and 2. the sun was far too bright on my head in the mornings. and by mornings i mean 10:45, when i would roll out of bed and stumble to class. so you see, daylight savings time was always a mixed blessing.

so i grumbled about the advent of 'fall-back'. and then, monday morning rolls around. and at seven thirty a.m., before my alarm goes off, i pop up in bed, convinced i'm late-as-hell. when i look at my clock and realize i have another half-hour of sleep, i'm delighted ... only to wake up again every five minutes, convinced i was late-as-hell. i'd fall back asleep and have two minute dreams that i was not only late-as-hell, but naked as a jaybird.

but then, when i finally woke up at eight, i realized i wasn't nearly as tired as i've been ever since this whole adult thing reared its head. my body naturally wakes up at eight thirty a.m. - just enough time to slam some clothes on, chug a slim-fast shake and race to the subway. but now, my body's been tricked into thinking it's waking up at eight thirty when really, it's a whole hour early.

the brilliance!
the genius!

the extra twenty minutes of coffee-and-nicotine in the mornings!
the ability to change outfits not once, but twice!

aahh, that blissful extra hour of wakefulness. let's see how long it lasts.

cheers, k.

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Monday, October 28, 2002
africa? not so much.

the conclusion of
this disappointment: jb one of our myriad of well-connected techie freelancers, is leaving for africa on the 4th. rh didn't tell me that anyone had accepted the trip - which was kind of him.

but it turns out jb is going gleefully, to the continent where i stake my claim, carrying bejamins' worth of camera equipment. he departs on a trip that has my name and heritage attached to it, rightfully so. closed doors, indeed.

love, krissa .... 9:38 PM ... link!

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grapefruits of the world, unite!

je suis un pamplemousse! [french]
sono un pompelmo! [italian]
ich bin ein pamplemuse! [german]
jeg er en grapefrukt! [norweigan]
jeg ar en grapelfrukt! [swedish]

how do you identify yourself as a grapefruit in your language?

particularly interested in: mongolian, zulu, latvian, inuit, icelandic, welsh, or tagalog.

cheers, k.

love, krissa .... 9:17 PM ... link!

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