Friday, November 08, 2002

"she is scantily clad and supine on the bed, talking about the licentious nature of her erudite friend, who's having an affair with that monte carlean plenipotentiary, but i see through the hazy nebula of her impetuous trickery, and get to know her nubile body (corporeally speaking, of course) while she waxes rhapsodic in my ear."

your turn,
monkey boy.

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Wednesday, November 06, 2002
woe is me. and everyone else here.
cups of coffee: 4. ciggies: 5. times almost lashed out at random strangers: 5. bumping headlong into a cop and muttering "oh, fuck" and then blushing: priceless.

reasons today sucks:

the weather.
republicans in the senate.
republicans in the house.
republicans in the oval office.
republicans everywhere.

people i would like to apologize to:
shiv. i'm a horrid cow-face, will you forgive me?

things that cheered me up today:
deborah buying donuts at the office and putting a sign on them that said "donuts for democrats only".
donuts in general.
having lunch with ful today at ho jo's.
talking to c-rod.

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away, away, away down south in dixie ...

okay, yankees, i'm going to make some very important points to all you people [except erin, who knows them already] so i'd like you to listen very, very carefully.

Most Important Thing You'll Ever Know About Texas:

It is NOT in the goddamned Southwest. It will never be in the goddamned southwest. southwesterners don't consider texas the southwest, and neither do texans. southwest is a place where pueblo houses exist, and canyons and native americans. texas, you'll notice, has none of these things.

Let me correct your misconceptions now and forevermore: texas is in the south. Texas fought alongside the rest of the south in the civil war [known in dixie as "The War We Should Have Won"]. I'm not advocating the civil war, or its causes, or its repurcussions. i'm just pointing out that texas fought in it. new mexico and arizona, you'll notice, did not. why? because they're not southern states. They're southwestern.

My point is - to be a southern state is more than a geographical concept. If it were solely geographical, do you really think virginia would be a Southern state? It's practically in new jersey, for crying out loud. It's sniffing new york's ass. No. virginia is a southern state because it fought on the side of the confederacy.

and so did texas. even if that is a continual source of shame to "real" southerners from places like savannah, gawgha.

And another thing about texas: i'm sick and tired of all you people making fun of it. really. i'm sick of trying to be truthful about texas and being told i'm brainwashed. i'm sick of people like amy long, who had never met a texan in her whole life, thinking that she had the right to call texans 'ignorant' and 'racist' because she's from boston [rant on why boston sucks my face later...]. I'm going to correct a few myths about texas, and from now on, you can just keep your opinion to yourself about texas, unless you've lived there for more than a year:

1. texans are racist: this is hypocrisy of the worst kind, especially when coming from a new yorker. I've lived in texas, and westchester, and africa - and westchester is by far the most racially segregated place i've ever been. it's the worst kind, too: economic segregation. texas has one of the most integrated hispanic populations in the country: hispanics make up an overwhelming percentage of texan middle class, they own many businesses, they are fairly represented in city politics [far from perfect, but better than the "great state of new york"], and they are a vibrant, visible community.

2. texans are ignorant: based on what? texans do tend to be more religiously minded and more politically conservative. but when liberals are judgemental and closeminded enough to assume that everyone who's religious and republican is an ignoramus, they've got a sudden rash of pot-calling-kettle. i know plenty of texans that are very religious and conservative - and they're still good people, who care about their communities and their families and the world. and not all of them voted for bush.

3. texas is ugly and polluted: correction - houston is ugly and polluted. and even in houston, because texans really like to have a good time - there's fun to be had. as for the rest of texas, i know spots near austin, in Hill Country, that will take your breath away. there are stretches of road in texas where you see nothing but blue sky and green grass, and a couple bales of hay. Big Bend, the desert in west texas, fell right off a canvas, painted in red dirt and purple sky. granted, there's a lot of pollution in south-east texas, and beaumont was voted the ugliest town in america. but there are spreads of natural beauty in texas that would make you weep. so do our margaritas.

my point with this diatribe is this: i lived in texas, off and on, for five years. i still go back to austin about once a year. i have texan friends - i also have friends that are transplants to texas, like me, and they love it too. of course it has its flaws. so does massachusetts [although i would go so far to call boston a cancer sore on the face of new england ...]. so does california. but texas isn't a simple place, with simple people. it's huge, its complicated, with a complicated history and a proud constituency. texans are different - they're unique. they're not all cowboy hats and oil drills, nor are they all big hair and debutantes.

i've known texas all my life, one way or another. and i've always said - if you can't love texas and hate texas with the same breath, you haven't really gotten to know it.

so shut up, yankees. 'fore i smack you up and hogtie you to the back of my truck.

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