Thursday, November 28, 2002
you think i care how cheesy it is?

okay, people. there are two things i really love in the world [on the same list as ... well, all the things you see in that there sidebar]. and they are: thanksgiving and lists.

and now, for a thanksgiving list of thankful-ly goodness.

my home. the furniture, the warm smells in the kitchen, the old-fashioned bathtub, the four-poster bed.

family - the kind you love because they're fantabulous people, not just because you share hapless chromasomes.

my mother because she knows i smoke pot, knows i have sex, and loves me as much as she always did. because when she looks at me, i realize what true love really means. because she laughs just like me, and laughs with me, and knows how best to style my hair and how best to hold me when i'm crying.

my dad because he knows when to step back and let me decide, and he's the most non-judgemental person i know, and because it's such a hidden treasure to get beneath his gruff exterior and see the honest, brilliant, loving and generous man beneath. and because he loves the simpsons.

and my brother, because he's never once been mad at me, even when i pulled his cats' tails. and because he's got a heart of gold - one of the few out there. and because he's part of the glue that holds the four of us magically together. and because underneath his business suit, he's still the biggest rock star i know.

my friends - the kind i'd take a bullet for: erin, beth, raychul, josh, matt, conrad. people whose weddings, children births, birthdays, and any-old-days i will be there to celebrate with. people who never cease to amaze me, challenge me, and bring a smile to my face. and buy me a drink when nothing else works.

my friends - the people you may not even talk to all the time, but you know that it will be like the ceaseless fabric of time when you see them, and pick up where you left off: payan, mido, marnix, the stephanies, victoria, jakob, christopher, luke, chris, the other chris, brandon, and will.

my web friends - because you make me laugh, and you don't mind sharing your lives and it makes it so much more fun: monkey, anna, chuckles, greg, alex, sarah b., ismat, and yes, even jason.

but also, randomly, i'd like to thank a total stranger: dave, who sat next to me on the train for two hours yesterday, is one of the most erudite strangers i've ever met, has a breathlessly well-tuned political mind, and was absolutely fantastic conversation for two straight hours. thanks, dave. good luck with the masters' degree.

i don't hold hands with family and pray at thanksgiving. but i do know the meaning of thanks - and of counting your blessings - and the things i give thanks for, every day, are those i've just listed. so, thanks.

and cheers to that. everyone have a safe, merry thanksgiving. quench your many appetites - not just sharing food, but sharing joy, love, and thanks.

and pass that cranberry sauce!

love, krissa .... 4:46 AM ... link!

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Tuesday, November 26, 2002
culinary wet dreams ...

the other night, i was watching teevee, and i saw an ad for taco bell fajitas. and i got to thinking about fajitas. and then i thought, man, i really wish i could have lupe's fajitas - only the best damn mexican restaurant in the known universe, located in swingin' houston. and then i thought, dduuuuuuuuuuuuuuudde [yes, that's how i said it]. i'm flying into houston for raychul's wedding, in january. i can eat at lupe's ... several times! i can gorge myself on their delectable steak fajitas, with paper-thin tortillas and the deliciously tangy marinade that separates lupe's fajitas from all other fajitas in the world. am i wrong, erin? so here's the thing - when erin picks me up from the airport, make no mistake: we're going straight to lupe's. and then, on the way back from the wedding in austin, to drop me at the airport, guess where we're stopping, again - you got it. lupe's. i am intensely mouth-wateringly excited about this. not that raychul's wedding isn't exciting enough [sorry raych] but this is the steak-fajita icing on the cake.

but before i start salivating over january - i'm very, very excited also about thanksgiving. my parents and i go all out. for me! [okay, the other three hundred and sixty four days a year, i'm still a spoiled brat whose wonderful parents think i hung the moon.] but thanksgiving means that we get to cook all my favorite dishes - i get to spend wednesday night with mom in the kitchen, smoking cigarettes and making miracles happen: stuffing [bacon celery and raisins of course], my special sweet potato casserole [lots of brown sugar and walnuts], my mother's creamy potato oven casserole, fresh cornbread, homemade cranberry sauce... the list goes on. no guilt-easing vegetable dishes in the cavouras family - we get our starch and our turkey and our honeyed gravy and our several pies.

this all leads me to the wide-spread yet somewhat controversial stance that thanksgiving is loads better than christmas. there's no trapping of "gifts" and "baby jesus" and "figgy pudding". it's just food, people. it's all about the food. and the family. and this year, the snowy winter wonderland that will be adorning our cozy house in rhode island. i bloody love thanksgiving.

well, now that you're all drooling on your keyboards from all the foodie talk - get back to work. thanksgiving isn't until thursday. now go have your pathetic sandwiches for lunch ...

love, krissa .... 7:15 PM ... link!

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Monday, November 25, 2002
the peacock flies at midnight ....

i have a shocking revelation for my loyal fans. this may come as somewhat of a surprise to you all, seeing how devil-may-care and deliciously witty i can be - but i have a problem.

i am vain as a peacock.

yes, that's right. i am that girl that will change three times before leaving the house. i am that girl that will shower and change into something cheery when going grocery shopping on a blustery day. i am that girl that owns fifteen purses and 30 pairs of shoes.

i am that girl that cleans house in a dress, just to feel pretty. i am that girl that cannot watch an audrey hepburn movie without looking presentable. i am that girl who will reapply lip gloss and tossle my hair and pinch my cheeks pink before going into the coffee shop, as to look windswept and carefree.

and i am vain, i am oh so vain. i plan outfits for events months in advance. i make sure i have presentable underwear (preferably my pink lacy hipsters) on when i go out at night, even though there isn't a monkey's chance in hell that anyone will see them. i throw away pictures of myself that i find unpleasing. i have preferences on different mirrors in our house as to which is the most flattering. and for the record, there are four hung mirrors in our apartment, not counting the bathroom, which is my favorite.

this isn't just unadulterated tell-all. this has a purpose. i'm unveiling a new initiative: it's called Operation Free the Peacock.

while in discussion with the queen of wit, ms.
sarah b., we have come up with a way to challenge our debilitating mirror-addictions: one day without looking in the mirror. at an as-yet-undetermined date next week, ms. sarah b. and i will go from morning to bedtime without once checking our reflection. this includes:
no mirrors
no window reflections
no car bumper reflections*
no subway glimpses
no staring intently into other people's sunglasses
no staring intently into total strangers' eyes
no staring intently at computer screens, toilet stall doors, or watches or any other shiny object.

*obviously, an exception should be made while sarah b. is driving - if it happens that she must catch her reflection in a rear-or-sideview mirror while safeguarding herself from harm, petit hiboux would like to assure everyone (including her betrothed) that she should look in a mirror rather than get in a car accident.

but what i really want to say is -

c'mon, sisters out there. shatter the beauty myth. throw the book at the obsessive perfection of beauty. don't worry about coloring inside the lines - just don't color at all. ignore your bangs. wear whatever you want to wear. practice a radiant smile instead of applying eyeshadow. think about the sass in your walk instead of your ass in those pants. show your true beauty without having to reaffirm it with a biased, 2-D representation. ignore the mirror - concentrate instead on your inner rock star. you'll look how you feel - like a million bucks. without a mirror.

you can do this for a day too - want to join us?

love, krissa .... 11:35 PM ... link!

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