Thursday, January 09, 2003
if i had a million dollars...

...i'd buy you all a round. short of that, a list for you:

three girls i want to get drunk on fruity cocktails with while hitting on all the bartenders:
sarah b., fish, and babs.

my favorite gay hugh hefner: fulminous.

boys that are actually absurdly good-looking in real-life [trust me, i know.]: matthieu and seastreet.

girl i totally want to get drunk over mexican food and make fun of ex-boyfriends with: anna.

guys i totally want to have weekly sunday barbeques with: greg and chuckles.

real-life guy pals who absolutely rock my face: christopher and lucifer.

guys i want to go to concerts with, and then get drunk and beat at board games: jason royal and jack saturn.

women i want to be: heather, claire and dooce.

man i'd totally have monkey-babies with: monkey, of course.

guys i'd totally make out with: wait, i'm not telling you that.

and now, for something completely different:

i'm going to texas this weekend and you're not [unless you live there]. so, another list:

top ten reasons that my weekend will rock the pants off your weekend:

1. house of pies. [if you don't understand, you never will].

2. slamming back coffee, scarfing down pie, and chain-smoking cigarettes at house of pies.

3. spending time with 3 of my 10 favorite people in the universe: erin, raychul, and matthieu.

4. raychul's wedding.

5. austin: magnolia's queso, driving down quadalupe making fun of frat girls, three dollar packs of smokes, drag rats, coffee at metro, taco cabana at three a.m., erin's jetta, stop'n'shop fountain drinks, buffalo exchange, and reuniting with the unholy trinity for the last time as three single girls.

6. two words for those in the know: lupe's tortillas.

7. houston highway driving.

8. erin's mom.

9. warm[er] weather.

and ....

10. leaving new york city to fend for itself for a while.

see ya'll on monday, folks.

love, krissa .... 8:35 PM ... link!

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he's going to rock all your faces. at the same time, yo.

go to
cendre. see his new beta version. look at his photographs. tell him to tell his model how beautiful she is. tell him he's all that.

matthieu rocks my face.
matthieu rocks my face.
matthieu rocks my face.

penance, ya'll.

love, krissa .... 1:15 AM ... link!

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Wednesday, January 08, 2003
i'm all for bizarro world but this is ridiculous.

when the most popular rap artist is white and the most successful golfer is black? i say kudos to sending the world topsy-turvy. revolution, kiddies.

but when the G.O.P. decides to hold it's convention in new york city? in gotham? land of the democrats? land of the huddled, the weary, the poor? the free, the brave, and the straight-down-the-ticket democrat upper-west-side liberal elites?

hey, i'm not that old, and i remember new york city hosting the 1992 democratic convention.

what has the world come to?

that's it. moving to canada.

love, krissa .... 8:12 PM ... link!

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Tuesday, January 07, 2003
the best reality show. ever.

here it is, guys. the show that'll make bachelor look like a romp in the park:

premise: a girl and a guy like each other, but aren't sure if they're right for each other. what do they do?

hook: they ask their friends for advice. no, literally. ten of their friends have a series of round-table discussions, ultimately using
binding arbitration to decide for the couple their fate.

buzzy catch phrase said in deep voice by commercial dude: "Find out what happens when your friends take "friendly advice" to it's limits. Jury of your Peers. Coming soon."

I am going to make a ton of money selling this to fox. oh yes.

love, krissa .... 1:21 AM ... link!

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