Friday, January 17, 2003
just like that radiohead song.

last night on the subway, i saw this guy who looked like someone else, and i totally almost jumped up and made out with him. it helped that he had the best hair ever. for real.

i get on the train and i just stand about
now that i don't think of you.
i keep falling over, i keep passing out
when i see a face like you.

i hate you, radiohead, and your painful appropriateness.

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Thursday, January 16, 2003
ignore everything i've said in the past week.

nothing matters now. nothing, you hear? because, because, because -

june twenty-first.

oh yes.

ohhhh yessssss.

fulminous and i are going to shack up with the book, a weekend's supply of food, and some liquor and smokes - and just read straight through. it'll be like an orgy - only without sex. wanna come?

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look for the glaring metaphor ...

i had a dream last night. this is what happened in it:

i was vacuuming leaves off the front lawn, buck naked.

what in the sam hell does that mean .. oh, wait ...

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Wednesday, January 15, 2003
and it's not even a monday ...

this morning, i was rushing out of the house. as usual. i was gussied up in knee-high boots, a skirt, a generous down coat, and a fuzzy hat that stunts my peripheral vision. hurrying down the stairs [is there any other way to get to work?] and putting my gloves on, i encountered the following problem:

i started to fall.

only, i was putting my gloves on, so of course, my hands were rather occupied.

when i tripped the first time, i managed not to fall. but the first trip led directly into a opposite-direction re-trip, causing me instead to lurch forward, tripping over my own feet and overestimating the lean-forward it took for me to save myself from the first trip.

this is all very technical. the point is - i totally ate it on the stairwell. sliding sideways down five stairs, my hands still uselessly entangled in my gloves, i made a mockery of all things graceful and finally came to a skidding, ass-first halt on the cramped landing.

at this point, one foot is underneath me and the other foot is two steps above me. i have landed on my ass, and broken the fall by slamming my head against the wall.

fanfuckingtastic way to start my day.

but the best part was, it was actually really funny. and no one was there to laugh with me.

but i'll tell you what - sliding out of the tub last week and smacking my head with extravagant, slippery force on the radiator? wasn't funny. even afterwards.

nor , for that matter, was sitting on the couch naked and wet for ten minutes, listing all my ex-boyfriends and countries-lived-in lists in chronological order, just to make sure i didn't have a concussion.

matt-michael-david-jacob-george-brian-jimmy-siegfried-flavio-matthieu-alex-max [not counting random flings] .... okay, argentina-aruba-morocco-newjersey-abidjan-tunisia-houston-kenya-newyork-egypt-rhodeisland-new york. okay. i'm fine.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2003
bare with me. ha. ha. get it?

i'm still a little too braindead and busy to actually entertain you all with my stinging wit and imaginative funny bone. so instead, here's
seastreet's answers. enjoy.

have you ever:

Ever been so drunk you blacked out: yes. once. at some inexplicable point in the evening, I broke the face on my watch. NO idea.

Missed school because it was raining: if by that you mean, simply not gone to class – yes. several times.

Put a body part on fire for amusement: no. this is a silly question.

Been hurt emotionally: I quote seastreet: "AHAHAHAHAHAHA." and furthermore, *sniffle.*

Kept a secret from everyone: yes. except erin, who knows all my secrets. and isn’t bloody telling.

Had an imaginary friend: I was an only child and I grew up in africa. what do you think?

Cried during a movie: oh god. people, I cried in hocus-pocus. hello.

Had a crush on a teacher: yes. specifically, my writing professor, melvin. what a peach. I don’t care how old or married he is.

Ever thought an animated character was hot: the fox in robin hood. whoa. hottty.

Had a New Kids on the Block tape: sadly, yes. but in my defense, I also liked Queen at that age. so, I was still cool.

Cut your hair: yes. everyone told me not to cut bangs, so I DID. and they rocked.

when was the last time you:

peed your pants: ? I have no freaking clue. what an inane question.

hugged someone: sunday. *sniffle* it was erin.

kissed someone: and meant it? august 8, 2002. randomly? new year’s eve (thanks, cruellittleman.)

cried over someone: watching raychul and matt dance, bawling my eyes out because no one will ever love me that much. *sniffle*


Shampoo: mmmmm, aveda.

Soap: lever 2000, baby. for all my body parts.

Color: this is stupid. I love all the colors.

Day or Night: again. why do I have to pick?

Summer or winter: autumn. HA.

Lace or satin: christ, neither. cotton. and silk.

Cartoon Characters: the simpsons. and the peanuts gang. because lucy is my alter-ego.

food: comfort food? spaghetti bolognese. cooking to seduce someone? pasta buonajuti. fabulous sunday brunch? quiche and a walnut mandarin salad. stoner food? anything with cheese. sandwich? BLT. morning food? french bread. after sex? a nice tall glass of water.

Ice cream: haagen-daaz strawberry, right outta the pint. oh yes.

Fave Subject: what is this, high school?

Normal Drink: non-alchoholic? coke. alcoholic? a balthazar – pineapple juice, vodka, and chambord, in a swanky martini glass.

Persons to talk to online: sarah b., wang, and of course, seastreet.

right now:

clothes you're wearing: my lucky jeans, knee high brown boots, a brown cashmere sweater, a white down coat, "thursday" underwear, and my fabulous attitude.

feeling: like curling up in bed with a pot of tea and a pack of smokes and reading straight through the narnian chronicles. or, flying to estonia.

Eating: a donut.

Drinking: tea.

Thinking of: nothing. my brain usually shuts off when I get to work. but this morning, I was thinking about sex.

Listening to: NPR.

in the last 24 hours:

Cried: no. but it’s not unusual.

Worn a skirt: yes.

Drove a car: sadly, no.

Do you believe in:

Yourself: I get into trouble when I don’t, so yes.

Santa Claus: I was irrefutably proven his existence when I was 10.

Tooth Fairy: by which you mean, my mom giving me money? yes.

destiny/fate: not particularly. but bizarre coincidence and premonitory dreams usually rattle my psychic chain quite a bit.

Angels: not unless they’re giving me big wads of cash.

Ghosts: answer me this – if you were dead, why would you hang around THIS hellhole?

Cody Webster: who?

friends and life:

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: no, but I do have a smashing tendency to fall for exactly the wrong guy about once a year.

Like anyone: oooh, why, are you going to tell? *giggle*

Who's the loudest: seastreet said - "I'm gonna have to take the fifth." he totally meant me. I’d have to agree.

Who's the shyest: I don’t trust shy people.

Who's the weirdest: definitely, definitely, brandon and may.

Who do you go to for advice: erin, who knows everything. raychul, about spirituality. seastreet, about life and books and sometimes even sex. everyone else, about la vie quotidienne.

Who do you cry to: erin. bethie. my mom.

When did you cry the most: all of college.

What's the best feeling in the world: love. outside of that, a nice game of squash.

Worst feeling: betrayal.

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Monday, January 13, 2003
regular blogging will resume shortly. until then, yet another list.

ten things about my best friend's wedding

10. weddings are like giving birth. there's a lot of pushing and screaming and general mayhem, and at some point in the proceedings everyone says, "why god why", but as soon as it comes together - it's bliss.

9. the father of the bride. who gave me a big hug when i was crying, because he knew exactly why, and told me it didn't matter where i got married, that he'd be there.

8. how to be the auxillary bridesmaids, or as erin put it - the "bridesmaids'maids": smoke cigarettes with mercy and mahan* and keep them from crying every twenty minutes. run out at the last minute to find "big-ass safety pins".

7. doing the trinity's work: the heart and mind standing up in front of 400 people to read passages on love for the soul's wedding. we love you, raych.

6. smoking cigarettes with chuckles and zacha**, two of my favorite little brothers, in the JCC parking lot, wearing zacha's tuxedo jacket, and then getting scolded by erin for "contributing to the delinquency of minors" (i think she was just jealous) was my bad-girl highlight of the reception.

5. the reception: losing my voice to a combination of cigarettes, hysteria, and loud music.

4. hearing mahan's hilarious renditions of her hysterical persian mother: "you are like hitler!"

3. two words: ass village.

2. erin's catch-phrase for the weekend: "where's my lighter?"

1. watching raychul and matt dance their first song, speaking their secret language of happily-marrieds, clutching chuckles' arm and crying, hoping that one day i'll really know what it means to love someone that much. no matter what my wedding is like.

* mercy and mahan - two of the sweetest, funniest, prettiest girls known to man. and also, raychul's bridesmaids.

** chuckles: kick-ass little brother of the bride. smoove operator. general bad boy. when not operating under the moniker chuckles, he's known as matt. but when raychul decided to marry a matt, it all got confusing.
zacha: mercy's little brother and the ying to chuckles' yang. total lady-killer.

love, krissa .... 8:36 PM ... link!

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Sunday, January 12, 2003
quickly, oh yes.

other than dead feet and cried out eyes, the wedding was phenomenal. but ...

remind me in ten years to elope.

love, krissa .... 7:59 AM ... link!

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