Friday, February 14, 2003
happy fucking valentine's day, or "the power of positive thinking".

i'm in a despondentgood mood. i've got my tragichappy face on. today is valentine's day, goddamnit. tonight, after a frustratingproductive day at work where everyone including the janitor got a flower delivery and i almost inhaled paint chips to put myself out of my misery, i will go home and curl up with my televisionboyfriend, and stuff my face with nachos and ice creammake sexy chocolate fondue, then later on my lonesome selfwe will go to sleep wearing my flannel pajamas, crying into my pillowhave crazy animal sex until dawn.

stupid goddamned holiday what a nice day.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2003
mommy, uncle sam is rambling about terrorism again ...

listen, i'm a smart cookie, and i'm getting a little confused. does any of this sound contradictory?

the government tells me that bin laden just
linked himself to iraq.
bin laden has, in the past, flogged saddam hussein and his tyrannical hold on iraq, and called him an "infidel".

the government released this tape, hook line and sinker, to "Fox News", otherwise known as GOPTV. Fox aired every last minute of bin laden's purported audio tape.
condi rice, in the past, has been incredibly wary about airing bin laden's "messages" for fear that they will contain coded messages that alert "sleeper cells" to "upcoming activity".

the government tells me that there might be a new "attack", possibly in new york, anything from "chemical" or "biological" warfare deployed during my day tomorrow. the government tells me it might be a good idea to "tape up my windows" or "stock up on a few days' worth of food".
tom ridge, our new director of homeland security, tells me to "go about my business".

what am i supposed to take away from this? bin laden believes iraq is evil. now bin laden is giving us motive to fight iraq. we don't support bin laden's terrorist messages, thus we don't broadcast them. that is, unless they further our cause. at which point - here's the tape, go to town. we believe in maintaining a free, open society, and yet every time i turn on the news in new york, i'm getting yet another vague, rambling and entirely unhelpful message from the government i'm supposed to rely upon. they're not helping me, they're just covering their asses.

i'm sick and tired of the new york times. i'm sick and tired of george bush never saying the right thing when his role in this world is so goddamned vital. i'm sick and tired of the israelis and palestinians stuck in a vicious cycle of distrust and destruction. i'm sick of watching the dismantling global coalition, which has held the keys to peace in the past fifty years. i'm sick of france. i'm sick of totalitarian arab states, blessed with resources, and yet not working towards progressive modernity for their people. i'm sick of the world treating the middle east like a giant, illiterate gas station, and then reeling from the repurcussions of ignoring such a volatile, influx area of the world. i'm sick and tired of knowing world war three is coming, and feeling like we're moving ass-backwards when it comes to stopping it. i'm sick and tired of this.

listen, government. there's a war out there. but uncle sam, you're not going to do it by sitting at the head of the table, talking out of both sides of your mouth, slurring your words, and randomly pulling aside family members to share different, vital, yet entirely vague pieces of information. you've got to get your ass in gear.

you've got to start lining up your ducks, uncle sam. you've got to start talking, because when the talking stops, the bombing starts. you've got to talk to moderate leaders in the middle east, people that are tired of seeing their countries torn between religious intolerance and oligarchical tyranny. you've got to work with your allied nations, because you don't want to be the destructors, and taking iraq apart is going to be a piece of cake - but putting it together again so that it gives birth to progression, modernity, and pluralism, and democracy - that's a global task. you've got to stop solely berating arafat and start talking to our friends in israel about what they can do to work towards a two-state solution.

you've got to have vision, uncle sam, unless you really want to start seeing all those "orange" level terrorist attacks you're constantly warning me about. you can stand up right now, and be the best global citizen you can be. you can encourage americans to start conserving energy. you can encourage moderate arab leaders to stop being your secret friend, and tell their people who the real bad guys are. you can stop shaking hands with two-faced moneybags like saudi and start looking and iran, and become a part of the solution there. you need to pay attention, uncle sam.

so throw some cold water on your face, have a cup of coffee, and get to work.

and here's my end of the deal - i'm coming to work tomorrow. in midtown manhattan. without a gas mask. and maybe, just to make you laugh, i'll wear orange.

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The Best of Petithiboux 1987-1989

check it out, yo. i combed through the archives to find some of the more memorable, witty moments in our time together. they're down there, under the linky goodness.

enjoy. and tell me if there's something i'm missing.

*ed note: too much real world stuff going on for me to really say anything here. suffice it to say, happy happy happy. the people involved know who they are. the rest of you can just guess.*

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Monday, February 10, 2003
i think i'm in love

we met yesterday. it was a shockingly sunny day, and we spent three hours together, riding in the backseat of a honda civic from rhode island to new york. i listened intently to every word. i stared out the window and saw stars. today, i woke up in the first blush of romance. i couldn't stop thinking about yesterday, and those three magical hours together. all day today, my heart races at the thought, my mind tumbles over the words ...

i'm in love with
nada surf. specifically, their new album, let go. i've never felt this way about a band before - not this quickly. it's all happening so fast. i mean, we just met yesterday and in a week, i'll be at the concert. and in the meanwhile, i'm running to virgin megastore as fast as my little legs can carry me to buy their CD.

i'm being swept off my feet by melodious, heart-wrenching vocals and an effortless, original sound. and i love it.

it helps that the lead singer is such a doll.

love, krissa .... 8:56 PM ... link!

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