Friday, March 07, 2003
with a kiss and a smile ...

don't go through mommy's knickers drawer while she's gone, and stay away from pills, liquor and fast women.

with that...

we're off like a prom dress. ha cha cha!

love, krissa .... 2:29 AM ... link!

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Thursday, March 06, 2003
i'm going where the sun keeps shining ...

i hate to remind you of this painful [for you] fact, but in 48 hours, i will be getting on a plane headed for sunnier climes. my six balmy days in rio de janeiro, brasil, will be spent engaging in the following activities:

* lounging on the beach in a skimpy barely-there 'kini.
* shopping for kicky little summer clothes that will be all the rage here in america.
* wearing sunglasses.
* getting a tan.
* drinking straight from the coconut.
* watching tanned, muscular men play beach volleyball.
* drinking delicious coffee every morning on a veranda overlooking the beach.
* strolling down the famous black-and-white tiled sidewalks of ipanema.
* spending quality girl-time with best gal-pal erin.
* going out at night to cozy little waterfront bars.
* drinking delicious brasilian cocktails and eating delicious brasilian food.
* hailing taxis on avenida nossa senhora de copacabana.
* buying cute local souvenirs for pals back home.
* buying awesome home-decorating pieces for self.
* speaking a lot of portuguese.
* doing it all with only about $200, thanks to the rockin' exchange rate.

i know you're hurting right now. but chin up - the bright side is i plan to bring back two things for you to enjoy: really nice weather [i'll need it, for all the new summer clothes and the wicked good tan] and lots of pictures with new loaned-from-work digital cam. the only down side is - only
certain people get to see pictures of me in a skimpy bikini. sorry, lads.

love, krissa .... 12:55 AM ... link!

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Wednesday, March 05, 2003
scenes from a small town i know

this weekend i went home to rhode island ... the state affectionately known as 'that little screw-up state', pronounced rhoe dyelin' by the natives. between mob allegations, high petty crimes, and fires, we've got some pretty picturesque little corners. here are a few of my favorites. [hover for details]

this is a little neighborhood the locals call federal hill. the feds call it "shooting fish in a barrel".

<strike>this is where the mafia hangs out</strike> a perfectly innocuous gathering-place for people of italian descent.

<strike>more mafia hot spots</strike> pizza. everyone likes pizza!

the best italian foods and cheeses and pastas this side of, well, italy.

downtown providence

where all the best rhoe dyelin'dahs get drunk.

only a college town would have a bar named after a painfully esoteric joyce novel.

pretty house, falling apart. classic rhoe dyelin'.

and last but not least, the very best roast beef sandwich you've ever feasted on:

my mecca.

mmm. scrumdiddlyumptious.

dad, gleefully waving his hand over his walt's beast.

love, krissa .... 1:20 AM ... link!

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