Thursday, May 22, 2003
dall ... ass!

i'm off to dallas for the weekend, kiddies, to see my dearest best gal pal and my dearest brother figure.

it doesn't get any better than that, peeps. for reals, yo.

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i've got my mouth full of cookie-dough, but here's a distraction

i'm having a hard time thinking of things to say to you guys. if i had it in me, i would tell you to pull up a chair, offer you a cup of tea, and tell you all about what's going on lately. but right now i'm too wrapped up in the living of my life, in the biting-off-more-than-i-can-chew parts, so any explanation of what's been occupying my brain, well, i'd have to stop chewing, wouldn't i? i could clear my throat and tell you how terrified i am of the lsats, how i'm afraid i won't get into nyu law and i'll have to kiss these beloved streets - faces - moments - life goodbye, and go somewhere else. how very much the idea of not being in new york for the next four years, with the people i crave sharing life with, how very much this idea makes me weep.

i could tell you about my heart, and how it feels ready to burst with happiness these days, pushing my typical doubts and fears into a neglected corner. i could tell you how amazing it feels to have blood rushing through that organ again, to finally trust it to do its job right. i could talk about love, and how it means that someone is in your brain as well as your heart, and how effing cool that is. i could tell you that for the first time in my whole, carefully planned life, i really don't give a shit if i'm right or wrong, but only that i totally love the ride.

i could talk about my family, and tell you how i worry about my father, i worry about his will to hold on, i worry about how he's lonely, i worry about how my mother is tired, i worry about my brother letting life pass him by sometimes.

i could talk about my job, and how stifling it feels, and the weight my feet suddenly gain when they trudge closer and closer to this office. about how every morning i have to remind myself it's just another year, c'mon, krissa, you can do this. i could complain to you that this isn't what i was meant to do, that i know in my bursting soul that i'm capable of so much more.

i truly love you guys. but i don't want to pour my heart out like this. so instead, i'm going to tell you to do something. go to
shiverydelicious, and listen to those two songs. not just because they're beautiful. but also because it's nice to hear someone put it into words. so that i don't have to explain it.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2003
puttin' on the glitz!

this little owl doesn't like winter. notatall. but tra la! what does she see around the corner? spring and summer's joyous siren songs, calling her out of her little nest and giving her cause to shake out her tailfeathers and pop around the corner for some fun!

this weekend, for instance, was the colorful spring cleaning, aided by the faithful lioncub
fulminous, where the walls were painted bright cheery colors. this chirpy marigold for the dining room, lovely minty pistachio green for the hallways, and calming new england ocean blue for the bedroom.

le petit hiboux's spring/summer.03 must-have collection!

*skirts, skirts, skirts! flouncy flowered in bold colors for cocktail parties, dainty black slim for work, lacy white cotton for brunches, and flowing linen for tromping around the park.
*big glammy sunglasses, and spoiled-rotten clutch purses, tucked under the arm just so for graceful hailing-of-cabs.
*pink, pink, pink! lipstick, flower-pins, ribbons, shoes!
*daddy's little girl gold earrings.
*forget the belts! tie a colorful sash around your waist, swivel your hips comme ca.. tres boheme, n'est ce pas?
*lavender sparkly eye shadow ... smudge a little into the corner of your eye, highlighting your usual browns or charcoals, and the come-hither look just got a little saucier!
*did i mention pink?
*dainty little shoes ... baby-heels, open-toed sling backs, beachy slides.
*all things striped and polka dotted ... so very retro-chic, doll!
*bobs! tousled and curly, a la parisien, or sleek and femme fatale, a la cabaret dancer, or flippy and flounced, a la sunshine california girl.
*short nails, in light pinks. squeaky-clean, no fuss, and how well they look with your tans!
*thin gold chains with eye-catching little charms.
*your absolute brightest smile.

but le petit hiboux's favorite spring/summer.03 must-have? well, brooklyn's two finest, most devilishiously, rakishly handsome lads ... one on each arm!

so now you're armed and ready. so bring it, summer!

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i think i was privy to some pretty important goings-on last night. as i lay in bed, trying to go to sleep, the details of a heated meeting reached my ears through my breezy open window. birds. birds were talking. perhaps they were plotting the downfall of the odious new york pigeon contingency, a rebel army of rag-tag bird relatives shunned by respectable bird communities everywhere. perhaps it was a meeting of the city's bird environmentalists, expressing concern on subjects as varied as appropriate waste-disposal facilities and tree-branch conservation projects. or maybe it was the Queens Bird City Council. perhaps, it was a local PTA meeting, where the bird-teachers reminded area parents of the importance of nest safety and at-home enforcement of their flying classes. whatever it was, it was loud.

and as i listened in, a silent observer in a meeting of seemingly tantamount importance and endless discussion, i started to notice some patterns. perhaps the bird-members sat in a circle, and the order of discussion was clockwise in nature. perhaps there was an esoteric seniority system - older birds took the 'floor', followed by their younger, sprightlier counterparts. perhaps bird-society is heavily male-chauvinistic, and women-birds haven't earned the right to vote or engage in community discussions. or perhaps, bird-communities even follow Robert's Rules of Parliamentary Procedure. isn't that a nice thought? i wonder what they use for a gavel. maybe a twig?

i started to identify some of the different heated voices. there was the grumpy octegenarian - hoooot hooooot caw caw, he mumbled in response to his birdfellows. there was the shrill, adrianna-huffington woman, you know the one, who always elaborates on her points as if the enemy was breaking down the back door tree. she was always interjecting too, with no respect for order - keeeee kee kee kee! keeeeee kee kee kee!. she was probably an incredibly over-protective mother and always shrill with her husband. i discerned the moderate, calm academic type, who probably wore spectacle-markings around his eyes, and expressed discomfort by becoming incredibly flustered - cawwwwww cawwwwwwww *cough* cawwwwww. him and the shrill mother rarely saw beak to beak.

and in every community gathering, there's always the loonybird. you know the type, incredibly chattery, always standing up and ruffling her feathers and talking a mile a minute about frivolous nonsense while her birdfellows roll their beady eyes at each other and cluck their beaks. there she went last night - meep meep meep peeeeeeeep! meep meep! - and i could almost hear the mocking silence from the bird-gatherings. you could tell some of them used her chatterboxing to mentally take stock of their pantries and plan their hunting routes for the following morning. who was the somber, lawyer-type that managed to silence the rowdy feathered crowds with his long trilling words, and what was he expounding on? did he command such respect in the bird-community, or did they simply not understand all the college-educated words he'd learned when perched at the most prestigious branch in the country - Harvard?

what were they discussing, i wondered, with such heated passions? was it a secret society to promote the annihilation of the pigeon community, a sort of aviary ethnic cleansing? perhaps. so late at night, for birds to be convening and discussing, let me to believe there was ill-intent afoot. and seriously. what did they use as a gavel?

but alas. my illtrained ears were useless at fully understanding the purpose of such a strange and varied gathering. i contented myself with silently mocking the chatterbox and wondering if the birds knew i'd been eavesdropping. and should i warn the pigeons?

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Monday, May 19, 2003
CUE: breathe sigh of relief as sidestep fallen tree. or
Lesson #241 from The Bowels of Corporate America

situation: promotional page goes horribly horribly wrong for some unexplained reason, three days after deadline. possible weird esoteric photographers' rights infringement, screw-up on production department side, or similar. details not important. reader will note sole fact of import is Magazine Page SNAFU [Situation Normal, All Fucked Up.]

person[s] possibly at fault: Editors A, B, D, or E. Production Persons A, C, or E [alphabetic assignations by level of command/importance/salary.]

person[s] not remotely at fault: Editor F. that's the heroine of our story. me.

Editor F's reaction on assessing the above facts as a whole: phheewwwwww.

conclusion to be derived from above lesson: the corporate world sucks out your soul with a bendy straw and then burps it up later.

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back when it was just a twinkle in a genius mind ...

in my post on friday, i mentioned one of my favorite phrases: you're going to be the first against the wall when the revolution comes. and
mark noted in the comments that it reminded him of a radiohead lyric - "when i am king, you will be first against the wall." and as much as i love radiohead, i don't think they coined the phrase.

so in my usual curious way, i started wondering who did. and from all my five minutes of google-searching and phrase-origin-searching, i came up with this:

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy defines the marketing division of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation as "a bunch of mindless jerks who'll be the first against the wall when the revolution comes," with a footnote to the effect that the editors would welcome applications from anyone interested in taking over the post of robotics correspondent.

Curiously enough, an edition of the Encyclopedia Galactica that had the good fortune to fall through a time warp from a thousand years in the future defined the marketing division of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation as "a bunch of mindless jerks who were the first against the wall when the revolution came."

as usual, douglas adams wins again. and so, to celebrate, i will now quote my top three favorite lines from the HGG:

3. "so, we're all mad then."
"nice day for it!" said a passing lunatic.

2. "you may sing to my cat if you like."

1. "there's an infinite number of monkeys outside, and they wanted to chat about a bit of hamlet they've worked out."

we love you, douglas adams.

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gracious thank yous

all hail
jason for his gorgeous expertise with the new banner. a designer and a gentleman, methinks. baked goods will be made in humble offering. think this is gorgeous? check out shiverydelicious for more eye candy.

love, krissa .... 1:54 AM ... link!

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