Friday, October 03, 2003

dear fairy godmother:

i know i make a lot of demands on you. seriously, i realize what a trooper you are. but if i could just have
this pair of boots (size six please), i swear i'll never ask you for anything ever again. for real.


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Thursday, October 02, 2003

there's a lot to love about autumn. long scarves, turned-up collars, kicking through leaves in central park, blustery days, holding hands to keep warm, pink cheeks and warm hugs...

but my favorite thing about autumn is undoubtedly the food. summer food, while delicious, rather intimidates me. soups that are cold. leafy salads with unidentified seared objects. cold pasta. i love summer but its palate is perhaps a bit sophisticated and wacky for my taste. no, autumn and i get along just fine in the culinary department. tummy-filling warmth, slow cooked roasts, hearty soups with potatoes and tomatoes in them. thanksgiving, really, is the apex and ultimate of autumn culinary delights, but the entire season is chock full of mouth-watering goodness.

and tonight, friends gather chez l'hiboux to kick off the autumnfest with warm mugs of delicious
gluehwein and my world famous madeleines sprinkled with sugar. and if the kids are good, perhaps even some tasty sliced apples as well. here are some of the other dishes i'll be serving up to myself and loved ones during this festively delicious season...

for a casual weekend dinner party, there's nothing better than a delicious and meaty traditional homemade lasagna, perhaps flanked by a hearty minestrone and a warm apple cobbler avec cinnamon ice cream a la mode for dessert.

for a saturday lunch with your lover [after you've both read the times back to front of course] - a simple yet scrumptious potato-leek soup, baconed and cheddared, served alongside a fresh warm crusty loaf of sourdough and some warm sausage like kilbasa. to be eaten in your warm winter flannel PJs!

for sunny yet chilly sunday morning brunch, hearty-up a regular favorite quiche: serve it with rosemary-roasted new potatoes and a tomato bisque soup. and of course, since brunch is all about decadence, a zuppa inglese to finish it off.

for an intimate and cozy dinner for two, a chunky delicious goast-cheese bruschetta starts off the meal, then a homemade potato gnocchi in a creamy tomato and porcini sauce, finishing with a chocolate rasberry mousse and smooth grappa.

what are some of your favorite autumn dishes?

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an building mate of mine, whom i frequently bump into on our lunch/smoke breaks, told me today that he recently caught his live-in girlfriend making out with another guy at a bar. my friend promptly broke up with her, even after four years of relationship and tentative plans to marry. he looked quite beat around the edges over it, but he was holding up well. she'd given him no choice, after all. she'd crossed his Line.

close pal recently had a conversation about flirting with his current boyfriend. in telling him about office-mate, we got into a conversation about the Line. exactly what is acceptable flirting behavior in a mate?

i admit - i am an absolutely incorrigible flirt. those of you who've met me know my flirting is well-executed, charming, never base or vulgar, and always intended merely as play. i will not flirt with a good lesbian pal because i think that's just cruel, i won't flirt with taken men unless i know their girlfriends well enough that it's understood that i'm simply teasing, and i don't flirt with someone i know has unrequited feelings for me. that aside, i am a shameless flirt. and i've dated, in my time, equally shameless flirts. it's never bothered me when i'm feeling secure about my lad's feelings for me, but it becomes a straw on the back of a camel if my insecurities about our relationship rear their ugly heads.

for me, i've always drawn the Flirt Line at touching each other and/or exchanging phone numbers for one-on-one plans. i think excessive touching, especially if the objet du flirt isn't part of your social circle, is taunting if it's in front of your mate and dodgy if it's behind her back. and exchanging phone numbers is tacky unless there's a professional reason or related to your social group. going out one-on-one with a girl you don't know very well while dating someone else, no matter how pure your intentions, will absolutely look sketchy to your mate.

aside from those two relatively concrete rules, i've always felt flirting is simply the modern way of play-acting, socially. no, of course you don't mean it. neither did any of oscar wilde's characters mean the plethora of witty barbs they exchanged over dinner tables. it's simply something one does to entertain oneself, to add a dash of piquante to a conversation. imagine how dull life would be without flirting.

but tell me, pals - where are your Flirt Lines?

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Wednesday, October 01, 2003
things just keep getting better!

as if autumn wasn't exciting enough, the glorious fellow FG
miss kate will be spending the long halloween weekend here with us.

a charmed life, i tell you.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2003
the fabulous girl meets the queen of charm

when i first wrote the
art of charm triptych, someone said in a comment that i should write a book about it. what a very charming idea, i thought, but i was sure it'd been done. turns out, i was right.

now, when shivlet first loaned me the book, i felt a twinge of regret and jealousy. after all, i had just come round to realizing the dizzying heights of my own charm, my effortless sense of decorum and fun combined... and someone had trumped me! but after reading Izzo's inspiringly true little gem, i've simply come to love the whole idea much more. decorum and charm - the art of getting it right and doing it with flair. when you're an FG, you know everything from how to properly invite someone to a party to how to dump a man with grace and style.

and while reading the book merely affirmed my own realization that i am, indeed, quite a fabulous girl, i learned a few new things along the way as well.

the FG and sex: did you know it's the height of rudeness not to offer some sort of breakfast to an overnight lover, even if they're leaving early for work or home? while i have always offered coffee or toast or even simply water to a morning-after paramour, i was shocked to realize that rarely had the same courtesy ever been extended to me. nor, it seems, had i ever taken offense to the lack of decorum. but gents - take note: if you've just shagged a marvelously fabulous girl, make sure you offer her coffee or tea or whathaveyou in the morning. or else, she'll eventually read her FG Guide and realize what an insensitive cad you've been.

the FG and entertaining: while i've thrown and been to scores of dinner parties in recent years of adulthood, there were some finer points i was unaware of. for instance, it's considered badly played to bring fresh cut flowers as a gift to your hostess. you make her run around looking for a vase and trimming the stems all the while attempting to get dinner on the table and entertain her guests. instead, either have the flowers delivered beforehand or offer to arrange them yourself. or simply bring a good bottle of wine, preferably one that complements the menu which as an FG, you've tactfully asked about beforehand. and of course, FGs absolutely always send thank you notes, no matter how informal the occasion.

the FG and friendships: a few tips from the ladies who lunch. never bring along a guest uninvited to a girls' event, even if it's your boyfriend. in fact, especially if it's your boyfriend. while your galpals may adore ___, if they've planned a girls' event in their busy schedule, it's because they want to dish about men. another friendship tip that hadn't really occurred to me: when you're in friendships of three or more, decide as a group how much the other galpals can discuss about absent members of your posse. i've been in several troikas of girl power, and we've never really established ground rules. but perhaps a certain friend will be more comfortable with boundaries, whereas the other two are the no-holds-barred type of gal. find out, before feelings get hurt.

all the fabulosity of the Guide has simply served to get me more excited about being a fun fearless female, has put a bounce in my step and a note of confidence in my voice. who says you can't love pashmina AND politics?

not the fabulous girl. she loves them both.


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charming my way to the prize

oh, my. i'm giddy as a school girl. i've got not
one, but two of uborka's cherished and honored post of the month nominations.

who exactly do i have to sleep with to win this thing?

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Monday, September 29, 2003
betcha ten bucks

my weekend rocked the FACE off your weekend. after the week from hell, i was completely unstoppable. a veritable force of nature.

and now? off to be fabulous at a three martini lunch with the girls.

force. of. nature.

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