Friday, October 10, 2003
and lastly...


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heart, broken.

my heart is breaking. for once, not for me. but for a friend. my dearest petunia is brokenhearted hurting and there's almost nothing i can do. while i should be spending the weekend sleeping on her couch, feeding her cupcakes and making her laugh and letting her cry, i can't because i'm getting on a flight to texas, a much anticipated trip that somehow has deflated in excitement.

there should be a law. when a friend's heart breaks, when one of your sisters needs you, you should be immediately teleported to their side, all laws of physics to the contrary. there should be a pit stop at magnolia's, natch, for the requisite cupcakes to cry into, and the liquor store for the strongest stuff money can buy. love can move mountains - why can't it move me?

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Thursday, October 09, 2003
giving models a bad good name

i know i'm not the type to give a shit about celebrities and i mostly don't care what they do, but after having extensively interacted with the woman and heard her hilarious potty mouth yelling, "hey, KRISSA, what the fuck is UP!" all the way from california, i can honestly say...

janice dickinson is one cool motherfucking woman.

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an important distinction

jason: "a stalker is, by nature, creepy and consistent."
krissa: "right. a friendly, inconsistent stalker is really just your boyfriend."

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Wednesday, October 08, 2003

autumn is a time for change. changing leaves, changing lovers, changing governors, changing websites! here at pH, we welcome change. embrace it. invite it in for tea. subject it to a web-contest! the mission? redesign, of course!

what? all you talented webmonkeys out there have a chance to ply your skillz on a new pH banner. you'll have two weeks to do anything you want to it - prod, poke, pixellate, perfect - and then you'll email the graphic to us. we'll put one submitted banner up each day at the top of pH and let the public take a good look at your artwork.

then when all the banners have been shown, there will be two separate votes. first,
matthieu and i will decide privately on our favorite. then, we'll ask our readers to pick their own favorite, a popular vote for readers' choice. in the end, we'll announce two equally talented winners, with two equally fun and artsy prizes - an 8x10 of one of my favorite photographs and a hand-printed tee shirt from the llama cafe!

what else? llama cafe? yep, you heard right! this design event is being co-sponsored by our pals over at the soon-to-be-launched exciting design community, llama cafe. llama cafe was once a utopian brainstorm between matthieu and i, the dream of a perfect coffee shop that we'd open together one day, someplace far away. since then, it's become a dream of his, an online art and design community, which will be launched by the end of this contest. keep checking back for more exciting llama cafe details!

what more? a couple of rules.

1. keep the banner smaller than 2x8, please!

2. the banner must say "le petit hiboux" somewhere on it. other than that, it can say almost anything else you feel works well, with any graphic you like, and any colors. during the exhibiting days, the text on the site will be plain black, so that there are no ugly clashing colors. that said, let your imagination run wild!

3. please submit only one. if you have your OWN server space, we'd greatly appreciate it if you put it there and simply email us the link. if not, attach it to an email and send it here. (JPEGs please!)

4. any questions for krissa or matthieu? email us!

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dayplanner breakdown

7:45 am. radio turns on blaringly loud to NPR. get out of bed, lower volume, stumble back into bed.
8:15 am. regular alarm goes off. hit snooze.
8:20 am. snooze.
8:25 am. snooze.
8:30 am. drag self to kitchen, set coffee pot. drag self to shower. snooze in shower.
8:35 am. get out of shower, follow bare minimum health/beauty routine of contacts, teeth-brushing, deodorant, hair goo, lotion on elbows and knees, baby powder on belly.
8:40 am. shuffle listlessly through wardrobe. pick suitable ensemble.
8:45 am. exchange one or more pieces of ensemble.
8:50 am. light ciggy and gulp down coffee while frantically searching for all necessary home-leaving items (keys/wallet/notebook/novel/chapstick/pen/cell/ciggies).
8:55 am. stand in living room, willing self to leave house.
8:59 am. halfway down block and remember to turn off coffee pot. come home and turn off pot, thus avoiding ultimate disaster scenario of house-burning-down for another day.

9:00-9:25 am. ride subway, survive by immersing self in novel du jour and trying not to touch body parts with anyone else riding on train. or eye contact. no touching or eye contact.
9:25-9:30 am. drag self as slowly as possible towards dungeon high-rise office building.
9:32 am. sit down at desk. turn on computer/lights. sigh.
9:32-10:40 am. do absolutely no work whatsoever. talk constantly on IM.
10:40-10:55 am. take well deserved break. go downstairs and procure hot cocoa and/or pastry of some kind. smoke ciggy. stare listlessly at building.
10:55-12:30 pm. make feeble attempts at work, i.e. write first line of article, file one invoice, half-heartedly sort through press releases, stare at coffee mug and debate washing it, consider reorganizing rolodex. end up talking on IM instead.
12:30 pm. LUNCH!

1:10 pm. do actual work for one solid hour.
2:10 pm. treat self by indulging in ten minute smoke break and chat to various friends on IM about hour of work accomplished for next hour.
3:10 pm. boss-person 1, 2, 3, or 4 will now demand work of some kind. flub excuse and spend next hour doing demanded work quickly. smooth over boss-people by doing a little extra something they hadn't thought of, revising their opinion of you from Chatty Slob to Ingenious Office Person for the next two days.
4:10 pm. surf web. pretend to buy house on island. plan imaginary vacations. stare at one-line article that was due yesterday. stare some more. start inane conversations with infrequently-talked-to IM-friends out of clawing desperate boredom.
5:30 pm-6:00 pm. find ingenious way to sneak out of office undetected. breathe in fresh city air and freedom. go "wheee!"

evening option #1: hang out with fabulous friends and current flame. laugh, drink, smoke, be merry. marvel at your wonderful life on the late drunken subway ride home.

evening option #2: go home. watch law and order on tv. eat chinese food out of container, sitting on couch in pjs. stay up too late watching friends rerun. bemoan boring life while snuggling under lonely covers.

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Tuesday, October 07, 2003
brains, not brawn

say what you will about my past escapades with men, but they've almost always been smart cookies. natty dresser, successful in life, socially presentable, well-built, absurdly handsome ... all other qualities aside, what really revvs my engine is effortless, natural intelligence. not the kind that gets you high marks at whatever Ivy you went to or the kind that makes you a savvy businessman, but the kind of fluid, open-minded and creative brilliance that makes you sharp, understanding, broad-minded and curious about the world. those men, no matter what their other flaws are (and there have been many flawed ones) make me positively weak at the knees. take me out to a trendy bar? wine and dine me? sure. that'll get you into my knickers, perhaps, but engage in spontaneous, funny and smart debate with me about the nature of evil, or about the history of downtown manhattan, or the viability of third party candidates ... you'll get into my heart.

so when my current flame (and favorite debate partner) solved a tricky riddle, one that had taken me a distracted hour, in ten minutes... well, folks, i won't lie, i got a little tingle down my spine.

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cat and girl explains so much

for instance,
my friends.

why i like books and movies.

new york take-out.

the perfect evening at home.


why i hate hipsters.

go read cat and girl.

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on the other hand ...

when i'm not planning on being a lawyer and you know, first female chief justice of the supreme court, sometimes i think i'd make a really good sex columnist.

anybody got any questions?

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bring the china to me

last week featured a startlingly good meal in
jason's corner of brooklyn - at kum kau on myrtle ave. it renewed my faith in new york chinese take out, a faith that had died from a year and a half of living in astoria.

astoria - where you can have brasilian, czech, roti boti, italian, indian, thai, greek, and spanish food all delivered to your doorstep for chump change - has no good chinese places that i've tried so far. but i'm a woman on a mission. and with a little help from a certain chowhound, tonight might just be the night.

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Monday, October 06, 2003
one simply cannot be fabulous and witty all the time.

in short, one must sometimes have conversations like

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monday remedies

this morning, i woke up tired and already desperately wishing it was the weekend. but like the big girl that i am, i rallied out of bed and took a refreshing shower that involved yardley's oatmeal scrub soap and mint shampoo. then i sat in my bed and stared out the window and listened to NPR and ate the juiciest cantalope and smiled to myself because it's a good world, isn't it?

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Sunday, October 05, 2003
bad form, lads, bad form.

i missed the memo that it was Boys* Behaving Badly week. lads, a few words from the wise from the FGs you're dating, want to date, or recently dated:

don't make out with another girl at a club. seriously, we don't care how drunk you are. badly played.

don't brag to your friends or the web about your recent rash of post-split sex. badly played again.

and worst of all, lads, don't say you "can't be in a relationship right now". we know what you really mean is "i want to play the field and i want you to play by my rules if you want to keep sleeping with me." at least, don't do it and expect us to stick around.

very. badly. played. indeed.

*yes, boys. with a few luminary exceptions, all of you are mere mud-playing territorial macho little boys.

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