Saturday, January 24, 2004
blogs are people too

when i went surfing through the pages of
nyc bloggers, i couldn't help but notice how many people have more links to other places than their own original thoughts, in any given post. perhaps this is only new to me. but the blogs i read fall in two main categories: they're either impressively well-written and literarily bent, or they're highly unique personal blogs [as i aspire to make mine]. that is, it's a given that i'm not a fan of whinging livejournals or bad poetry.

apparently, i'm also not a fan of recycling pithy news briefs in blog form. i cannot tell you how blogs i clicked through today that covered the following current topics: con-ed's little electrocution problem, DC's wonkette, matt drudge/moby arguments, martha stewart's hearing, dean's rants... i'm just naming the ones that were incredibly prevalent both in the news and on the blogs. i'm not linking to these newsbits because it's a waste of my time to even write out the tags.

now, i write my blog for a number of reasons. first, because i'm vain and like seeing my writing somewhere. second, because i love tinkering with the design, and using pretty colors. third, i sincerely do appreciate the cool community of people i've built up, either face-to-face or via our blogs/emails. i feel like i have a friend in every city now.

what i don't do? i don't blog to simply be a conduit for information. mainly because i hate writing tags, but also because i think you come here because you want a piece of me. if you wanted to know about paris hilton's latest escapades, you'd go to the post. if you wanted restaurant reviews, you'd go to citysearch. and most of all, as politically aware and sensitive as i am, if you want someone's intelligent perspective on global politics, you'd read thomas freidman. it's not reflective of me if all i post about is politics, new york city news, or hollywood gossip. it's not a personal weblog. it's just adding to the information overload. i don't mean to put anyone down that has a news-or-gossip-driven site. in fact, i really enjoy gawker and gothamist, mainly because they have such interesting ways of putting things. but i don't consider those personal blogs. i consider them news sources, to an extent.

i'm not attacking anyone. the logical answer is, "you don't like that blog-form? don't read it." given. but i'm such a big proponent of the blog-medium, as a way of building community and learning how to speak your mind, that i'm not sure how simply disseminating information and calling it a blog really fits into that vision. it's simply not original. when i write something that makes you laugh, or makes you think, or even if you hate it - you didn't read it any where else. you may compare me to this girl, that blog, but what i put here is distinctly my own. which, ostensibly, is why you're here.

and that seems so much more personally valuable to me than recycling scraps of other people's words without adding your own uniqueness to the fray.

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covering our tracks

believe it or not, dear bloggers, i've made provisions for pH in case of sudden death. half-jokingly, i emailed my best friend [a consummate non-blogger] my passcode information and told her to tell the internet i was dead if i unexpectedly bought the farm. or just feeling bored on the weekend and wanting to see how the blogisphere deals with the death of a loved one. kidding. i'd never do that. well, probably not anyway.

but it seems i have to make one more provision in case of demise. for the most part, my life is an open book. no doubt grieving friends and family would go through my emails, my letters, my journals. but my one request is this:

the IM log between myself and
kate MUST BE DESTROYED by kate herself. if the two of us kick the bucket simultaneously, it must be destroyed by shiv. this is to protect the world from ever discovering how very, very evil we are. our wicked cruel merciless mocking of all things under the sun will die with us, the passwords protected in the depths of our black murky hearts.

and with that, lsfmasdlkfj sdgks dkfg sdk;gfjdsgfksd gfshg.

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Friday, January 23, 2004
maybe we could even get together, maybe you could break my heart next summer

text message, 11:49PM, krissa to kate: "i totally just gave my number to the hot flamenco guy. CARPE FUCKING DIEM."

text message, 11:52PM, kate to krissa: "carpe DICK, dude. carpe fucking DICK."

you heard it here first, kids. i gave out my phone number for the first time last night. attending shiv's open mic, i ran into El Flamenco [y'know, accidentally on purpose]. i'd met him months back, when i was already romantically entangled, and had verily enjoyed the body-language flirt we'd shared while smoking outside the bar. so in my new quest to get laid not die alone with my fifty cats get laid, i showed up last night to floor El Flamenco with my leather pants and come-hither eyes.

i told him it was getting late, he told me to stay a little longer, so i waited through an eternity of terrible comics in order to see him on stage with his beer and his guitar, strumming his way into my pants heart. every time he lifted those smoking eyes from the guitar, he looked right at me and i swear, i... well.

so after the show, with much gentle pressure from shiv and her boy D, i walked right up to him and said, "i'm leaving," and he said, "come tomorrow night, i'm playing again" and i smiled as coyly as i could [only realizing later that i had garlic breath] and handed him my phone number.

carpe fucking dick diem.

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last night i went head-to-head with a five-straight-sequence of cosmopolitans.

on an empty stomach.

in less than two hours.

the cosmos won.

corrollary information: i walk better in tall heels when drunk. what does that mean?

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Wednesday, January 21, 2004
for a girl who doesn't believe in destiny...

... when i was seventeen, i watched a dear friend walk away from where i stood, without saying goodbye, because we'd fought months back and were both stubborn as mules. i watched this friend walk away, having never kissed him, but having sworn off the love our friendship was made of, and even at seventeen, i thought:

it's not through between us.

i still think that, even though we've danced that danced and i've walked away, too much a pragmatist to stand his hedonistic belief in careless destiny. and yet for all my pragmatism, that stubborn seventeen-year-old says, it's still not through between us as if we were a sandwich and there's still a bite on the table to be dealt with.

the question is - can it be possible to not know how something's going to turn out, but still know there's more to be played?

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just in case you think my life is all brunches and gallery openings, cupcakes and vodka...

last night i ate a can of cheezballsĀ® and ONLY a can of cheezballsĀ® for dinner. i watched the horrifically bad
uptown girls instead of the state of the union.

hell, even the fantastically glamorous need an off-night.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

when they say women are starting to approach sex like men, do they mean...

"remember him? the flamenco guy? sandul or sankil or sundial or whatever his name was? it's not like i need his name anyway. i can just call him Dick and be direct about it."

did that really just come out of my mouth?

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20 on the 20th: The Owlies

having not been nominated for the much-blogged-about bloggies, i've decided to create Bloggies Owlies of my own. there will be no waiting, no competition, and no prizes. yes, these are all bloggers i read and link to regularly. that's because i read and link to them regularly. these are MY Owlies. don't argue with me, please.


Most Charming Blogger for 2003: myself. that wasn't hard [this doesn't count in the 20... i'll win it every year, fear not.]

Best Charming-Disguise-for-Inner-Evil Blogger [side award - Best Wicked Use of Short Denim and Tall Boots Blogger] :

Best Written-About Wrenching Heartbreak and All-Around Glam Kitten Blogger: shivery.

Sexiest Dirty-Old-Man/Best Short Fiction Blogger: acerbia d

Sexiest Lawyer/Longer Fiction Blogger: chuckles.

Funniest Pregnant Lady Blogger: dooce.

Best Serial Poster/All-Around Great Chap Blogger: london mark.

Sexiest Blog-Den Mother In Red Heels Blogger: karen of uborka.

Absolutely Sweetest British Boy Blogger: stuart.

Funniest Use of Unabashed Egotism/Scariest Ladder-Climbing Blogger: joshua newman.

Favourite Infrequent Bloggers: helen jane and seastreet and the biscuit.

Hardest-Laugh Post of the Year: Geese Aplenty Takes on Mya

Cutest Gal-Pal Blogger: this fish

Favourite New-to-Me FG Bloggers: the stiletto philosophy, daniella and pixel diva.

FUNNIEST BLOGGERS, PERIOD Bloggers: greg and his geese and sarah and her knuckles. Runner-Up: the better bryan adams.

Now that everyone has an award, let's all go get tanked on martinis and put it on the Bloggies tab, shall we? what are you drinking to celebrate?

love, krissa .... 7:20 PM ... link!

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