Saturday, February 28, 2004
now i know true love

i have spent the last two hours hitting f9 repeatedly, trying to decide if i want the dock to magnify and to what degree, picking the speed on my trackpad, setting my desktop picture/color/fonts, and happily freeloading off a neighbor's generous wireless signal to correctly organize my bookmarks.

yes, folks, i have come over to the
good side. and yes, i already put the free decal on my laptop bag.

viva la revolucion!

love, krissa .... 10:13 AM ... link!

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Thursday, February 26, 2004
so fuck that deal we made before

just when i thought i'd lost the thread of what we used to share, and just when i'd resigned myself to the way things are now... you surprise me again. it's nice to know you were standing there all along. next time i'll look harder. thanks.

love, krissa .... 2:00 AM ... link!

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Tuesday, February 24, 2004
cupid is a straphanger

i will live a thousand years and love a thousand men and i will never understand the rules of attraction. what mystic force determines the subtle nuances between the moment you want to simply stand closer to someone and the moment you decide you want to rip their clothes off? what is it about the slightest hand gesture from a stranger in a cafe or on the street that makes it impossible to pry your eyes away?

yesterday i stood on the subway with a casual friend, having invited him down to a concert in the village. the downtown N was unusually crowded, consummate new yorkers suddenly thrown into tourist-mode by the recent subway changes. we held on to the same pole in an airless corner of the car and had an easy conversation about sailing. suddenly the train jerked and a wizened little woman shoved me out of her way and into my friend's shoulder.

i straightened up and smiled, and listened to him continue talking. but by then, i was close enough to notice the way his shirt collar was crooked, to notice the curl of the hair tucked behind his ear. but more than that, there was a smell. a distinctive smell that never fails to make me just the slightest bit lightheaded... soap and cigarettes. not cologne, not laundry detergent, not hair product or incense or any of the other million ways a man's smell can attract a woman. nothing draws me more than the smell of soap and camel lights. and he had it. clean skin and cigarettes. it reminded me of mornings, of post-shower sex, of holding hands in the front seat of a car in winter, of wearing his sweaters. soap and cigarettes is like intimacy and desire. there i stood, still chatting with him, but my mind had gone somewhere else completely. a million things that had never happened between him and i flashed through my mind and knocked the wind out of me, like the grinding movement of the subway itself.

usually the michievous god of romance is depicted shooting arrows. but it seems that in the big apple, when cupid snaps his fingers, trains jerk and a crush is born.

love, krissa .... 7:07 PM ... link!

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Monday, February 23, 2004
welcoming myself to the 21st century

some of you know what a low-tech girl i am. when spending my money, i would much prefer a weekend at the beach to a PDA, dinner out with friends over new CDs, and lazy analog weekends instead of sitting in front of the computer on a sunny saturday.

but my complete lack of a computer at home has started to get frustrating. both for this blog, where i often find my greatest inspirations when keys are scarce, and for practicality. you know, law school applications, crossword puzzle help, finding the right restaurant for sunday brunch. the stuff the web is really for.

this desperate lack of a decent computer led me to compose this:

isn't that sad?

well, a few weeks ago, the pressing urge to find a miniature model of an airport and a plush-toy mouse was relieved. due to a great tax return and an even greater set of parents, the path to mac-vana was suddenly visible before me. and today, carefully and lovingly delivered at noon to our house in rhode island, is my very first apple:

fourteen inches. 933 Mhz. maxxed out RAM. forty GB. Airport card. plus an Epson 4-color printer with a flatbed scanner on top. pure apple bliss. all mine.

this weekend? forget boys. i'll be curled up in bed with fourteen inches of smooth white digital brilliance.

love, krissa .... 11:38 PM ... link!

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