Monday, April 26, 2004
that deluxe apartment in the sky...

it's been two years and a month since i first typed the words "" and saw my meagre little page load itself. born of a whim, constant internet access, and a desire to evade schoolwork, i never imagined the impact a tiny little free-hosted website would have on my life. a lot has been said about blogging, its pros, cons, withering effects on society, etc etc. but pH has brought me a place to write my thoughts, a host of new friends, and it's taught me a middling amount of HTML along the way.

so here, at this two year mark, i'm picking up my little suitcase of codes and banners, carefully packing my cherished links, tearfully deleting my witty sidebar, patting the tulips on the head and telling them not to die... and movin' on up. come over to
le petit hiboux with me. i may be surrounded by boxes, wearing dungarees, plaster bits in my hair and a screwdriver in my hand (the tool, not the drink... yet), but there's a party going on already.


love, krissa .... 5:01 PM ... link!

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